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NN City Festival / GP weekend - WIN 16.000 L$ and more!

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From FRIDAY the 9th until SUNDAY the 11th of MARCH we will conduct the NN CITY GRAND PRIX. The main happening will be complemented by many other events. Enrollment for the races will start sunday, 4th of March in NN City.


- Big Opening Party (win a Car and other goodies)
- A big photo contest (win big-amount TRU Textures Ltd. gift cards)
- Midnight Shootouts (win combat supplies from our local arms dealer)
- Grid Girl Contests (win clothes, gift cards and other goodies)
- Qualifying (win a consolation prize if you don´t qualify for the main races)
- Grand Prix of NN City (16.000L$ in the pot so far and still raising - to be distributed among the 3 winners, who will as well be rewarded with a car or a bike)

You think you won´t win anyway or are too lazy to even try? Doesn´t matter:

apart from the main and supporting events there will be cool prizes given out at random all weekend long. There´s two ways to get them:
- Sign up for or participate in one of the following events: photo contest, grid girl contest, midnight shootout, opening party, and you will be presented a NNCity GP 2012 VIP pass - Every 2 hours there will be something special handed to all VIP-pass-wearers who are currently in the region. *** Racers who qualify for the Grand Prix will be given a VIP pass as well plus 4 more passes for their team, girlfriend(s), boyfriend(s), pet(s), grid girls or whoever ***
- Drive the city track freely and whenever you want (except for when there´s the GPs or the tribute band acts going on) - every time you make a new personal fastest lap you will be given a randomly chosen prize automatically


- Ciske Crumb
- Balley Bernard
- PTBBeardmore
- DirtyDeeSweetwater
- Roxanne Ysabel
- MarkKing Radio
- Fieryhead Demimore
- Avril Lavigne (tribute band)
- Aerosmith (tribute band)

The NN City Grand Prix 2012 weekend is brought to you by:



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