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Spring Time in Second Life

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Spring is here! The snow has almost all melted and flowers and trees around Felix Estates are starting to show signs new life.  Warm days and cool nights in the best residential estates in Second Life.


I welcome you to visit our sims Effington Wood and Effington Hills, and join our community. We offer a well maintained estate dedicated to community and residential living. If you are tired of flat sims without character, and are looking for a place slightly removed from a tropical paradise, then I know you will love what you see in Felix Estates.

The following parcels are available for purchase. You can visit the rental office in Effington Hills for parcels listed with EH, or visit the office in Effington Wood for the parcels listed with EW. In either case contact seanabrady Resident or Maryann Badger in world with questions.

ParcelSize (m2/Prims)Price (L$/week)
EH-D212016 / 461828
EH-424032 / 9221645
EH-C121344 / 307550
EH-C431504 / 344612
EW-C351344 / 307522
EW-B303328 / 7611095
EW-A304352 / 9961680
EW-A403840 / 8781545
EW-B42640 / 292525
EW-D32864 / 197300
EW-B21480 / 109185


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