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Residential,1500 L's p.wk, 937 prims, 4096 M

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  • Your Name as owner
  • Ocean front (see photo below)
  • 4096 M.sq
  • 937 Prims
  • 1500L's Per week
  • Beautiful nature themed island
  • No Premium Account Needed
  • Can deed to your group and control your own media and music settings
  • Terraform allowed

Pretty ocean front parcel on a sim that changes terrain with the seasons, snowy in winter, green in spring and summer.

The purchase price of the land includes your first week’s tier/rent, and your next payment will be due 7 days later.

This is a nice quiet peaceful island with a natural woodland theme. The parcel is nicely terraformed with trees and waterfall which can by used by you or returned to us.

No lag issues, no high rise structures, no eye sores, you do not need to be premium, mild terraforming allowed.

Please read the entire covenant before purchase because we have building codes to preserve the nature theme, and to keep the island looking beautiful.


South shore W700 forum.png

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