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Don't forget the beginners

Victoria Paule

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I'm an experienced builder, just starting out with Maya to learn sculptingbut   I'm still struggling with the absolute basics that are so often engulfed by technical languageCan someone answer this for me, kindly:    I create a chair in Maya (or Blender, or whatever).   If I want it to be mesh instead of an ordinary sculpt, what are the parameters I have to changeor is it all to do with the formatting when uploading

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Sculpts are imported by defining the XYZ coordinates as the RGB colors in a texture, which you upload and apply to a prim in the Edit window.  That is unique to Second Life, so you need some special plugin in the 3D creation program to output the texture. Sculpts are fairly restricted in several ways, because of the hack of using a texture.

Direct mesh import uses a Collada .dae format file (it's an XML type text file).  The XYZ coordinates and other info about the model are a bunch of numbers in the text file.  Many 3D programs can directly export to .dae.  Then you use the SL menu for Upload > Model in any mesh-capable viewer.  Once it's uploaded, it's an inventory item you can rez like any other SL object, and apply textures to the "faces" of your mesh if you defined the faces in the 3D program (a process called UV Mapping).

Mesh are a lot less restricted than sculpts, and you can do things like rig them to animate when worn by an avatar, that sculpts cannot do.  On the other hand, in some cases their "Land Impact" (ie prim cost) is higher than for a sculpt, and in fact is a *variable*, rather than a fixed number.

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Assuming you explicitly ask for "mesh" and not for "sculpted prims", then this might help:


This tutorial addresses the Sculpted Prim builders who want to know more about Mesh.

I have am working on a new mesh tutorial which adresses mesh from ground up. that will become available in a few weeks.

maybe that helps a bit.

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