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Brooke Tulliman

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Hi all -

I am after someone to create me a high-end custom avatar for fantasy roleplay.

The problem is that it needs to be rather large and I was hoping to find someone with the necessary skills to work at scale. This request has come out of my frustration at never being able to find something that quite fits the bill in the bought avi line.

Specifically I am after a demonic female sea-serpent. There are plenty of Naga avatars out there, but this needs to be larger than a normal sized avi - think as big as a house.

She doesn't necessarilly need to move all that much - when submersed in water her coils would need to be seen to rise and disappear a few times above and beneath the surface, giving some indication of size. Her torso should be capable of some gesture movement, but the lower part might remain fairly static.

Head to be roughly human but commensurate with the size of the body, and with some monstrous features (slitted pupil eyes, sharpened teeth, and some elegant bone structure at the back of the head.

The snake "tail" to begin at her hips, and her arms to be large and muscular, probably hyperextended, hands to be clawed. Tail to be plale green with a scale texture that varies over the skin (I'd like it to be quite leathery with the odd ares of scale actually).

I appreciate this is going to cost a not inconsiderable amount of money for the right result, but I am realistic in that regard and I expect to have to pay accordingly.

Would be really interested to see if anyone can come up with a proposal.

This is my dream avi - someone please help me out and get in touch!

Brooke x

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