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Post your weights for physical flight scripts when in flight!

Summer Renobaum

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I have been experimenting with weights with various physics and I am not exactly sure where the limit is anymore with this land impact mesuring. So I am hoping people can help sort out this by posting the highest results they get so we can find out where the cealing is.

My Ship with flight scripts activated:

Land Impact: 113
Download Weight: 34.306750
Physics Weight: 112.612200
Server Weight: 22.000000

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Physics weight gfor the objct doews indeed need to be under 32. but we have been able to get aircraft of a PE of around 70 and a physics wqeight of around 20 to work fine. A lot of the parts are "no physics" and Phantom within the link set., that's how to get around it, but one neds to keep in mind that the presence of a script will double the PE, though and anything over 100 PE is cxonsidwered rude for a vehicle. 

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The Physics Weight has to be 32 or less in it's NON physical state, to make it physical. Once physical is enabled, the additional penalty kicks in, which increases the physics weight more or less drastically, depending on the meshes size.

Though, this increased physics weight while physical, doesn't make the object non physical.

It's documented in the wiki of course, where it reads: NEW An additional factor has been added to this computation.


NOTE: The viewer Advanced Weights display doesn't show the increased physics weight. You will only notice that something has changed, if this increased physics weight is the highest of the 3 metrics now, and the land impact is higher than when the object is non physical.

To check your real physics weight when physical, use llOwnerSay(llList2String(llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(), [OBJECT_PHYSICS_COST]),0));

As long as the physics weight is low, even a 15000 PE/land impact vehicle is not rude, regarding the physics engine.

A script increases PE only if the number of prims in a linkset is higher than the download or physics weight. Each link will cost 1.0 instead of 0.5 in server weight, when scripted and/or physical.

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