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Open HUD Framework

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HUDs (head-up-displays) are used in many ways in SL and there are very usefull ones existing for avatar animation, as building tools or even for games. And although the HUD can be a powerfull user interface there seems to be no idea of a framework for yet. Instead of having many different HUDs on limited attachment points there can be a single HUD handling its design, module add-ons, script updates and so on.

Anyway as such a framework doesnt exist yet (or i'm just not aware of) i encourage anyone interested in to join the projects development group in-world. Its name is Open HUD LSL. So if you're an experienced scripter maybe even with HUD development background or a content creator for providing any ideas and feedback during the development then you're welcome to join the Open HUD LSL group or drop me a notecard in-world and we will stay in contact.

Thank You!

revochen mayne

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Some time passed by and finally i got it managed to get a few improvements to the openHUD. There is a new short video about introducing them on youtube at


Latest changes are:

- New position handling

- Checking for updates

- New skin "cyber"

- Few bug fixes


The latest openHUD version 0.18 is  still available at the SL-Marketplace and also by now at the Wealth Island sim

at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wealth%20Island/37/213/23 full permissions and for free! 

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Hello and greetings!

It's me again and quite some time passed by since the last openHUD version got released.

Finally i got a new version released but it will also be the last one for this year 2012.

Latest changes are:
- New "Spawn Manager" module
- Settings menu for modules
- "Text Color" option for Float Text module
- New skin "Snowflake"
- Minor bug fixes and memory usage improvements

There is also a small anniversary to tell about because more than 100 openHUDs got delivered since the first version got published. And it's still full perms and free of any costs.
Anyway i really wonder who's using them and why. So if you're an openHUD user in any way please let us know and post some lines stating your experience with here.

For anyone interested in the new version there is a new short introduction video about on Youtube as usual.

For more information feel free to join the developer group in SL called Open HUD LSL or visit the websites at:
http://www.openhud.org and

Thank You! =)
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