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Best Priced Parcels in SL... Get them at Barbie Chung Estates!

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We offer HIGH PERFORMING, BEST QUALITY SIMS at reasonable prices!

Homestead- 7499L$/week
Full Prim Sim - 19999L$/week

1/2 Homestead Parcel - 4300L$/week
1/4 Homestead Parcel - 2250L$/week
1/8 Homestead Parcel - 1199L$/week
1/2 Full Prim Parcel - 9999L$/week
1/4 Full Prim Parcel - 5500L$/week
1/8 Full Prim Parcel - 2999L$/week

Teleport to our Estate Hub (Cocoa Bay) or send an IM to BARBIE CHUNG for details.

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