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Busted Marketplace filtering - best selling, price, alphabetizing, and relevance

Lera Keng

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I have noticed in past week that search filters have gone crazy and are not reporting things accurately! Is anyone else noticing what I describe below:

When I look at my store with the default relevance even that is not correct as my highest reviewed items and best sellers are placed randomly in the list.  When I sort my own store by best selling it is showing my best sellers on the last pages! Try price sorting - I have price numbers jumping from 75 to 55 to 65 to 55 to 45 to 55 to 40.... highly illogical number sorting and the same holds true if you reverse the sort. I tried this with general searches on the marketplace and in other merchant stores too.  This inaccurate sorting happens all over MP -  mixed up numbers and if alphabetized it is not reporting letters in proper order (and I am talk things like alphabetize A to Z with Black coming before Basic no strange characters or symbols involved at all). With thorough searching and filtering checks you can find things going sideways with all of the aforementioned filters. It may not be apparent from page one in some cases but flip a few pages and keep looking - eventually you will see what I am talking about.

Namely, my concern is because my marketplace sales have dropped considerably and now when I do searches I have to dig to find my most relevant, highly reviewed and best selling items. And they are showing up after other items of mine that should be in lower places on a default relevance search. These same items used to show up within the top 5 pages of certain searches and have for some time until last week.  It seems that the order of my items in a relevance search on MP are showing up in the order they appear on my store page with the same search (which again is completely inaccurate to the reported data).

Has anyone else noticed some of what I am describing or do you see it now that I have pointed it out??

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Hi Zanara,

If what you say is true now then default relevance in my store is STILL inaccurate as the items that are showing up first are definitely NOT the ones I sold today or yesterday or even the days before or during last week.

According to LL this is relevance:

"We keep our search relevancy formula private to prevent people from gaming the system. However, we can tell you that the formula includes:

  • Average rating
  • Past sales over a chosen time period
  • Sales rank
  • Search term matching"

True or not that is what they say about it in the knowledge base (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-market-your-products/ta-p/700181#Section_.2.4).

And up until last week, when I looked at my store default filter relevance - it was in order by best selling + highest reviewed. When looking at ones own store with zero search parameters that made sense to me. Now it is just willy nilly with seemingly no basis for any of the reported data.

I am just trying to figure out why all of a sudden everything with the filters seems to have gone goofy when they were working appropriately just weeks before.



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Thanks Tatiana for the JIRA link - it is strange though that my relevance seemed to be pertinent until recently (at least when I looked at my own store - I can't say for the rest of marketplace except that is never seemed to fucntion correctly and I had heard that it was wrong but I had no way to compare results without knowing other merchants sales data).

There is still remains filtering inaccuracies with the other filters that I had not seen happen before - and I had used these filters before with correct results particularly the pricing (on all kinds of marketplace searches) and alphabetizing.

Since I have applied these filters to general searches on marketplace several times in the past several days, I see many inaccurate returns for the filters that I did not see before. And I believe that if my own store data is returning incorrect information for best selling filtering that it is also reporting it incorrectly on the marketplace as a whole. This affects all sales data and searches - not just my own.

I have submitted a report ticket but I posted in this thread because I wanted to know if other people were inexperiencing the same difficulties with filtering of all kinds.


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I have an item that persistently shows up on the first page of my top seller sort order.

Over a hundred items have sold more recently.

Over a hundred items have sold as much or more, over any time period one chooses to assign, both by volume and by linden value.

Several items have higher ratings, and over a hundred have ratings no lower.


I can be very certain of these facts because I have over a hundred items that have sold at least once but the item concerned, that has shown up persistently on the first page when I sort by best seller, and often on the first 1-2 pages of relevence for months and months, has never, ever sold a single time.  Not one sale, not once.  It's there on the first page of my top seller sort order right now.  In fact it's gone up in order.  It used to be mostly toward the middle or bottom of the page but it's on the first line now.

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