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Unable to log in

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Thanks Paranormal, at least i'm not alone, i guess i'll put ticket in.

this has been going on for 6 hours now.

I tried  making my start place the mesh place they advertise, and i get a message saying " unable to correct to grid, Often it's because your computer clock is set incorrectly"

I checked that and it's ok, if i try to log into my own sim, it says "Despite our best efforts something has gone wrong.


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hi Paranormal, after trying everthing i could think of, i decided to bypass my router and put the cable directly into my laptop, that fixed it, it was a very slow router causing my problem.

I had another one i had bought a long time ago and hooked that in and now i can log in,

Hope yours is as simple.

I know it' s frustrating.

As for the case you submitted it prob. won't get looked at for a while (weeks in my experience) i give up on submitting cases, a yearly membership does not buy anything extra there.

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