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Skins and Shapes

James Aichi

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Yes, what do you want to look like, James? How much will you pay for the skin and shape, should it fit for blond, black or red hair, asian, african or west european look? Big and strong, or lean?   

There are some trends in SL. like:

Sexy guy, this is usually a muscular shape and one of the popular tanned skins with well defined muscles. Often shirtless or in "biker"attire and sunglasses. Small heads and wide shoulders.

Realistic male, that can be a more thin shape with different skin choiches. Often they want to get a skin that not "everybody else" is using. Some go for realistic height and is 1-2 heads shorter than Sexy guy. 

Sulky male, the  counterpart to the sulky females, this is usually very thin shapes with pale skin, black hair and detailed outfit, often lots of piercings and a permanent downturned mouth. 


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