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i cant access my cart

jasmine Cicerone


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I can't view my cart, nor buy anything in it. It's stuck at 10 items and I'm getting the same exact error msg. as you.

It's going on about 6 days for me with no resolve. still not able to purchase a thing on the marketplace. still getting the same error msg, telling me to continue to shop. this is super crazy that not one person has been able to help me in LL's??

Submitting a ticket is not going to fix the problem. This is the only answer I continue to get from Linden Lab's:

Hello Stasey Oller,

The information has been escalated to the Dev Team and the Dev Team will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If you would like to leave a message for the Dev Team directly, please add a comment to the existing Second Life Jira Bug Report regarding this issue.



Dakota Linden
Linden Lab
SL Marketplace Customer Support



If you read other's responses on the jira, it doesn't seem the issue will be resolved for me, perhaps you also, anytime soon.

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After several days of waiting, and submitting multiple tickets, and leaving comments on the jira I posted in an answer below, my cart was finally cleared this morning. I am now able to purchase items on the marketplace. Best and only thing I know you can do as of now, is submit a ticket, complain on the jira, and wait. I had to wait about 7 days to finally be able to use the marketplace again. Sucks, I know :matte-motes-crying:

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