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Anyone have a custom name?

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I'm looking to get one, and I am wondering how it all works, so sorry if my questions seem dumb.


  1. Will I be able to choose a first name as well as a surname? For example, I'd hate it if the surname just replaced 'Resident' and left me still called ''Rattlingthekeystothekingdom''
  2. Does it replace my entire current username? Or will I be given the option to create a new account with the new name?

           3. How much does it cost?


Thanks in advance!


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Surnames were supposed to be coming back, but... apparently that has changed. Now LL is just doing away with "Resident."

As I promised if we couldn’t figure out a way that was a win/win for folks who want complete freedom vs. a list of last names, we wouldn’t do it. We couldn’t, so we wont.

See http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/Update-Last-Names-Roundtable/m-p/1409403.

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Special names are not available to most people.  Only celebrities, well known business leaders etc coming into SL for RL promotionals or business can have their RL name. 

It used to be that if you had a business for a SUBSTANTIAL amount of RL money you could purchase avatars with a last name to use that reflected your business.  Doubt you can now that last names are no longer given though.

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Do you mean a Display Name? You can not change the user name that you use to log in, but anyone can make up their own Display Name. Display names are not unique. Other people can use the same display name if they want to.

Your user name is unique, you are the only rattlingthekeystothekingdom  in Second Life.

For reasons of security, you can not completely hide your user name. Others will be able to see it if they want to. Other people may or may not be able to see your display name, depending on which viewer they are using, and which check boxes they have checked in their viewer.


 Display names don't cost anything, and can be changed if you want (but not right away - there is a limit of one change per week).


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It is pretty expensive but you have control of the name but a lot more involved than you think



Custom surnames

Upon creation of a custom surname, the account designated as owner will be billed a US$500 setup fee plus the first annual US$500 fee. On each anniversary date, the owner will be billed US$500 to retain custom surname ownership. Last names must clearly be an organizational or corporate name, and distinguished from personal last names (surnames). For example, "Smith" is not acceptable, but "SmithCorp," "SmithInc," "SmithProducts" or "SmithConstruction" are. Linden Lab will consider names that are clearly made up or composite (for example, "SecondLife" or "Agilent").

  • To create additional accounts, the custom surname owner must apply for and use the Registration API. You may create as many additional accounts as you need (the initial limit is 500 per day, but you may request a higher limit).
  • At this time we do not provide bulk account registration for your custom surname. You must use the Reg API.
  • Review the Registration API documentation before you submit a custom surname request to be sure that you have the capabilities to create additional accounts.
  • The custom surname owner to be billed must be the same account to apply for the Reg API.
  • Approved non-profit and educational requests will receive a 30% discount on these fees.
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