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The Dark Side By Anley Piers, MetaLES

Kama Mhia

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New work from the group MetaLES.
At Sim MetaLES .. O.. women artists and creators of SL for a month to change the design, and this month is represented by the work of French artist Anley Piers and co-owner of Mysterious Wav.

LM - The Dark Side By Anley Piers, MetaLES



more photos http://kamasecondlife.blogspot.com/2012/03/blog-post.html


Artists, creators, thank you for your contribution to the art in SL!

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Marie, thank you!
I'm glad if someone will go us.
Women artists and creators of the group  MetaLES give us joy every time.

We love art in SL, it's wonderful to be part of art :smileyhappy:

I do not know why .. but the design reminded the art of the Renaissance))

I am very grateful to you))

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