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    Reasons for the disclosure of accounting information

    Although a basic account, For Which neither a credit card or a PayPal account is required, Already offers complete access to Second Life, it is recommended to add a credit card or a verified PayPal account. synthesis Allows you to:

    Second Life Settlement Policies

    Read the full Second Life accounting policies , Which of you so the service can access from.

    Linden Lab ® debit your account only under specified conditions. If your account has a positive balance in U.S. dollars (U.S. $), fees Shall first be deducted from your account. If your are not Sufficient U.S. $ credit to your credit card or your PayPal account is debited.

    Premium Membership

    DEPENDING will be charged on the chosen payment interval, ie, monthly, quarterly or annually. The fees for the premium membership From the account summary , the current membership fee is shown. On the side of upgrade / downgrade membership you may wish to change your membership schedule.

    Land Use Fees

    The land use fee is a variable monthly fee DEPENDING on your country in Second Life. : For more information on land use fees can be found on this page . Land use fees are separate from the fees for private regions.

    Fees for private regions

    In addition to the original purchase price for a private region thatwill be a monthly fee. Fees for private regions are charged directly to your credit card or your PayPal account and are separate from other land use fees.

    On this page you will find a comparison of the fees for private regions.

    32px-KBnote.png Note: Fees for private regions are exclusive of VAT .

    In Country portal for more information on the various types and agricultural prices and access to the country store and the auction site.

    Particular region changes,: such as renaming, moving or converting to a different region types are associated with THEREFORE fees. More information can be found on this page .


    Some country auctions are handled in U.S. dollars. Winning at auction is associated with a single payment, but can lead to increase enlarge enlarge enlarge on in your monthly land use fees, Malthus if you slip into the next higher level charges. For more information on land auctions in Second Life can be found on this page .

    Region Rental

    It is possibleness to rent in Entire region for a short time. L The rental fees are $ 4,000 a day and are due on the first day of the rental period. Please note that rental fees in Linden dollars (L $) and not in U.S. Dollars (U.S. $) will be charged. : For more information on rentals of regions, see the Country Portal .

    Buying Linden dollars

    All residents can look at the Linden exchange exchange exchange (LindeX) U.S. Dollar (U.S. $) in Linden dollars (L $). LindeX fees are charged on a transaction basis, ie, Only When you perform a currency purchase. You can THEREFORE buy inworld by the viewer next to your Linden Dollar balance on the blue button called Linden Dollars L $ button. LindeX More information about transaction fees can be found on the page LindeX exchange market: fees .

    Some credit card companies charge a small fee if a payment in a foreign currency are Accounted for. If you are a U.S. resident, and your credit card will be charged a fee for foreign transactions, You Should delete and re-enter your payment. So this trouble will be solved. If not, contact your financial institution to obtain credit credit credit Further information about the applicable fees.

    32px-KBwarning.png Attention: If you did find your credit card or PayPal billing suspicious or unexpected charges did Appear to originate from Linden Lab, collect all available information and to submit the bill to support a request to initiate investigation.

    View or change account information

    Your account information, see  account information  on the website of Second Life.

    32px-KBnote.png Note:  For Security Reasons You can only see the type  of credit card did is associated with your account, and the load four digits of the card number. The total number is not displayed. 

    On the side of invoice information , you can view your current balance in Linden dollars (L $) and U.S. dollars, View Payment in U.S. dollars to your account and add and define payment methods for different types of purchases.

    Add new payment method

    To add a credit card or a PayPal account to your Second Life account, click Add PayPal or credit card to add . follow the instructions on the screen to set up a payment agreement for PayPal or enter your credit card information.

    After you add a payment method, it is saved in your account and linked to various transaction categories. For more information, see the next section.

    You can THEREFORE during a transaction to add a new payment method. When you add in this way a credit card or a PayPal account is linked to the current category Automatically this payment (s).

    Linking with payment transaction categories

    You can Specify Which payment methods you want to use for the Following Following categories of transactions:

    • Purchase of L $ in the Viewer
    • Purchase of L $ on the Web
    • Increase the U.S. $ credit
    • Buy land, premium fees, recurring costs

    Go to link a payment to the section set payment on the page  billing information and click on the button  + next to the category of transactions did you want to set. Displayed Then select from the list, select a stored payment.

    If a Particular category of transaction is Already linked to a payment, you can change this by Clicking on the pencil icon CORRESPONDING.

    You can change a linked during a payment transaction by Selecting a different payment method or add a new payment method for the transaction.

    Change saved payment information

    To change the information stored on any of your payment, you must delete the payment in question first and then re-enter. paymentmethod To delete a saved page by Clicking on the billing information on the  X button next to the relevant payment.

    Tax and how to change the payment country

    The payment methods available to you depend on the country selected. In general, You Should not need to change your country of payment, but you may need to update it When You're moving or traveling. To change your country of payment, by going to the page accounting information next to the name of your country click the Change button.

    Is your payment to the European Union country, you may have to pay sales tax  obligation (VAT). Companies did can resell our products or Second Life Provide value-added, before making it available to end users opt out by giving a European VAT identification number of the tax. If the page billing information "VAT Taxable" is the name of your country, you can add VAT exemption Click and enter your number.

    For more information, see  Frequently Asked Questions for tax (VAT) .

    Accepted currencies and payment

    In Second Life, you can Use the following methods of payment:

    • Visa
    • American Express
    • Mastercard
    • DeltaOnline
    • JCB
    • Discover (U.S. residents only)
    • Visa Electron (only residents outside the U.S.)
    • PayPal

    Which currencies are accepted, hanging out on the selected payment.  

    32px-KBtip.png Note:  If you are the kind of payment before 7 December 2011 have registered with us, you may need to remove and re-add it before you can make a payment in a currency other than U.S. dollars.

    Visa, Mastercard, and Visa Electron

    Following the Following currencies are accepted:


    American Express

    Following the Following currencies are accepted:



    Following the Following currencies are accepted:



    When you use Discover, you must pay in U.S. dollars.


    A complete list of accepted currencies by PayPal you can find on the official website of PayPal .

    Information about the transaction Statistics

    On the account page, the Second Life website, there are two ways to view the Transaction Statistics:

    Create an account> Transaction Statistics

    Appear here your transactions Linden dollars (L $) for the selected date range (up to 30 days). You can download the data in Excel, and XML format.

    Linden Exchange> Management> Transaction Statistics

    Appears Here the Following:
    • Your balance in Linden dollars and U.S. dollars
    • Their Remaining LindeX ™ trading limits for the next 24 hours and 30 days
    • Their Remaining payroll limits for the next 24 hours and 30 days
    • Your LindeX ™ Exchange Transaction Statistics, including both closed and open (not yet executed) buy and sell limit orders

    For information about account statistics

    Select Account> Account Statistics in the sidebar of your Second Life account page to access your account statistics. On this page all account transactions of the previous 45 days, Which have to do with "real" currency Appear.


    For buying Linden dollars on LindeX you see two entries: one to the CORRESPONDING L $ purchase, and another CORRESPONDING to the payment transaction. The Following Following example is correct:

    Time Confirmation ID Reference Amount Ending Balance
    17.08.2010 08:41:22 102230685019 Customer payment ($ 7.75) $ 23.23
    17.08.2010 08:41:22 - LindeX currency purchase $ 7.75 $ 30.94

    . Thesis entries can Appear in reverse order The Following THEREFORE Following is correct, for example:

    Time Confirmation ID Reference Amount Ending Balance
    17.08.2010 08:41:22 - LindeX currency purchase $ 7.75 $ 30.94
    17.08.2010 08:41:22 102230685019 Customer payment ($ 7.75) $ 23.23


    Increase USD

    For transactions for stocking of dollars (even "Buy from account balance" called) you see only one entry:

    Time Confirmation ID Reference Amount Ending Balance
    18.08.2010 03:15:36 102230957785 Payment of $ 26.25, iDeal ($ 25.00) $ 27.22


    Country fees

    If you buy land, pay land use fees or pay a premium member Contributions, you will see three entries:

    • An entry for the payment
    • An entry for the purchase
    • At the entry for the current tax (if applicable)
    Time Confirmation ID Reference Amount Ending Balance
    09.09.2010 09:42:18 - My new country (real estate owned: My new country) $ 1,029.00 $ 0.00
    09.09.2010 09:42:18 - VAT for the UK (17:50%) $ 180.07 ($ 1,029.00)
    09.09.2010 09:42:18 102234890171 Payment of £ 814.49, Visa ending in 1038 ($ 1,209.07) ($ 1,209.07)

    Again, the entries may Appear in any order, and the rightmost column can THEREFORE be different.

    Accounting for country ownership

    Private regions

    As with all U.S. $ transactions up fees for private regions (islands) are first offset against the existing U.S. $ credit in your account, the Remaining amount is then subsequently paid with the payment that you have associated with the purchase of land.

    When you use PayPal, you may need to adjust your monthly debit limit. For instructions, see the next section.

    If you use a credit card, you may need to notify your credit card provider about the pending purchase. THEREFORE You can pay by bank transfer to private regions. For details, see account balance .

    Country on the Mainland

    On the Mainland, the billing is based on the maximum use of the previous 30 days.

    Excerpt from the side land use fees :

    The monthly land use fee is calculated is is is based on the maximum load-country ownership during the 30 days. In the calculation of land plots owned and donations are included in groups.

    Once the maximum use has been calculated is is is, it will be donated to the current size of the country back, did you own or in a group. The whole country what in the load 30 days in your possession or donated, is included in the calculation, Regardless of how long it was in your possession.

    Account fees charged separately from the Mainland settlement, based on the date of accession of the user and are paid in advance.

    Avoid common billing problems

    Below you will find some common payroll problems and how you can avoid them.


    Make surethat payment information is stored safely before trying to make a purchase. For transactions with Linden Lab, you must have set a payment to be charged to Make When you make purchases or payments.

    Credit Cards

    Here are some of the most common Reasons for a credit card error:

    • The credit card number is invalid.
    • The billingAddress what not entered or incorrect. It must be the same address did Appears on your bill.
    • The name of the card has not been entered or not as it Appears on the card.
    • Billing Information page.
    • The credit card is not included in the list of accepted payment methods (see above).
    • The Verification Code (3 digits on the back or 4 digits on the front of American Express cards) what not entered or incorrect.
    • The card has expired or the expiration date what Incorrectly entered.
    • The card does not have enough credit, and can not be validated. We will send to authorization in the amount of $ 1.00, did to Ensure the card is valid. This is not about a settlement amount, but we need to confirm the card did has a minimum balance of $ 1.00.
    • Your monthly payment limit is reached and / or your bank does not authorize Any Further more transactions.
    • The issuing Bank has not pre genehnmigt transactions with Linden Research, Inc.. Please contact the issuing Bank to resolve the issue.
    • If you are outside the U.S., your card may not be set up for international transactions (a common problem with Visa Electron).

    If none of the above apply to you, please contact your credit card company to go to the bottom of the trouble.

    You can THEREFORE contact the  billing support contact at Linden Lab.


    Often it happens did due to unverified PayPal account at no initial settlement agreement can be Concluded. way you can use your PayPal account for payments to Linden Lab, a credit card must be Deposited as a second source of payment.

    Linden Lab may PayPal payments via bank transfer not accept Because They can not be processed fast enough and THEREFORE are not compatible with the immediate delivery of virtual goods and services. For this reason, you must have a credit card saved with PayPal payment as a second source.

    Pay attention to your monthly deduction limits. By default, the monthly PayPal debit limit is U.S. $ 250.00. You can change this limit easily. For more information, see "Using PayPal".

    Use PayPal

    Setting up payments through PayPal

    Proceed as follows:

    1. Log in to your PayPal account.
    2. Click on the tab My Account .
    3. Click the subtab profiles .
    4. Click below banking details  on billing arrangements .
    5. Delete any existing settlement agreements with Linden Research .
    6. Return to the sub-tab profiles back.
    7. If Necessary, update your information, see Account formations (your PayPal Billing Agreement may fail silently if your Second Life account, billing address, and no email address is provided).

    Then create a PayPal Billing Agreement with Linden Lab.

    Payments will only be successful if your primary  source available is a Sufficient amount of payment (PayPal balance). If the primary is not enough money available payment source is the balance of your secondary source of payment (bank account or credit card) deducted.

    32px-KBnote.png Note:  Passwords and Security at PayPal: The page on Which you sign up for PayPal, a PayPal page. The credentials you entered are Transferred to PayPal, we have no access to this information.

     PayPal-month limit set

    If a PayPal payment fails, this may be due to the delivery of standard fixed monthly limit of U.S. $ 250.00. You can change the monthly limit as follows:

    1. Login with PayPal.
    2. Click on the tab My Account .
    3. Click the subtab profiles .
    4. Go to the section databank .
    5. Section, click PayPal payments via debit dealer to update .
    6. Click on the dealer Linden Research .
    7. Section, click the Settings for withdrawals on debit limit change .
    8. Enter the Desired limit.
    9. Click on Save .

    Contacting Linden Lab support for billing questions

    Account for non-technical questions you may contact the Following Following toll-free numbers to the account team from Linden Lab:

    • U.S. / Canada: 800-294-1067
    • France: 0805-101-490
    • Germany: 0800-664-5510
    • Japan: 0066-33-132-830
    • Portugal: 800-814-450
    • Spain: 800-300-560
    • United Kingdom: 0800-048-4646
    • Brazil:  0800-762-1132

    Long-distance call (not toll-free): 703-286-6277

    In the U.S., the UK and Canada is our billing support seven days a week available around the clock, in all the other countries listed above, seven days a week at Certain times.

    General problems and frequently asked questions

    I can not update my payment information

    If you have problems with updating billing arrangements, Which is Often due to the bank or card issuer. In order to combat fraud, some credit card companies Automatically reject international Pressures (or stress for "online gaming") or disable it temporarily as did a more detailed investigation can be Conducted.

    If you are based in the U.S., delete the stored payment method and pass it a new. The payment is then processed by our domestic clearing partners, this is the risk did your financial institution temporarily locks the transaction, much less.


    32px-KBcaution.png Important: It may take up to 30 minutes to credit and debit cards are updated in our System. even if you get the message did your payment information has been updated, you must wait up to 30 minutes before you can make a purchase.

    If you have difficulties to update a settlement agreement:

    1. If you have waited at least 30 minutes and transactions have Repeatedly failed or the information is not silent update, delete your account information and make it new, or choose a different payment method (credit or debit card). Proceed as follows:
      1. Go to your dashboard .
      2. Click on Account .
      3. Click on account information .
      4. Their update account information and click Send .
        If you had updated successfully, a message is displayed.
      5. Wait 30 minutes until your payment has been processed completely.
    2. If after a second attempt transactions fail silently titles, or the information Which silently not updated, please contact your credit card or banking institution:
      1. Obtained Directly with the Department of Risk and Safety  Connect.
      2. Specify did you want to authorize your card for charges of Second Life and Linden Research.
      3. While you talk to your bank, you delete your account information and make it new one. The banking or credit card issuer Should then see and approve a verification fee of $ 1, the fee will be refunded.
    3. If you can not perform a Particular transaction as before , even after performing the above steps,  please contact the Linden Lab support for account issues  related, as Explained above.

    What happens if I continue to have financial difficulties?

    If we can not charge your account the amount due, we must freeze for 30 days, unfortunately. during this time go to your account page ., update your credit card information and manually processing the fees cause you to immediately reactivate your account  if you do not pay fees due more than 30 days, your account is locked: you still have before Accessing secondlife.com to pay all fees due but can not access your inworld accounts.

    For more information, see Guidelines for late payment .

    You can convert to a free basic account your account at any time. If you own land, the applicable fees will be charged subsequently, ie, it may be yet another payment. You must pay all charges for your country ownership and land grants, as did no further charges may apply.

    I paid for an item with U.S. $, but it does not Appear

    Certain fees must be paid at Second Life in U.S. $: These include the Following:

    When buying this product Usually you can use immediately.

    If your land use fees are due, theywill be debited from your account. They may Appear until the next day as a negative amount, as the payment has not been processed by the System. In most cases, the payment using the stored overnight payment is settled.

    If the system does not seem to Recognize a payment, You Should submit a support ticket.

    When entering billing information, the message "Not authorized"

    The issuer of the credit card you are trying to use has your attempt to set up a billing agreement, refused. Please contact the card issuer to resolve this trouble.

    Why was my credit card was charged for $ 1.00?

    This is no real burden, but to authorization, Which We request from your credit card provider.

    After receiving the authorization by Which the validity of the account is confirmed, we will withdraw them.

    The amount of $ 1.00 will be charged at any time, but the authorization can Appear as searching on your credit card statement.

    Problems with American Express

    If you are buyer from American Express, you can himself lucky: American Express has excellent guidelines to protect your account.

    If you plan to buy agricultural or L $ with your American Express card, You Should firstcontact American Express and authorize to open settlement agreement with Linden Lab. Easily Then you would be viable to use your American Express Card for the purchase of land or L $ .

    Why to additional transaction fee which i billed?

    If payments are settled in a currency other than the parent currency of payment used, Calculates your bank may require a "foreign transaction fee." This fee is not levied or collected by Linden Lab, and we are not viable to cancel it.

    If you are a U.S. resident, and your credit card will be charged a fee for foreign transactions, You Should under https://secondlife.com/account/billing.php delete your current payment and re-enter. In this way, foreign transaction fees in most cases can be Avoided. If not, contact your financial institution.

    Problems with prepaid and gift

    Trying to add a payment method will fail if the card type is not supported. Currently, most prepaid cards are not compatible with our system, even If They carry the VISA / AMEX / Mastercard logo. Hierz include retail cards purchased, rechargeable credit cards and debit cards issued by banks.

    When I try to pay with credit card or PayPal, I get an error message did the chosen payment method can not be used for the transaction, and I am prompted to buy L $ and try again.

    If you receive an error message when you try to purchase using your credit card or PayPal a marketplace purchase, use as a payment method instead, please Linden dollars (L $).

    So buy more Linden dollars to complete your transaction:

    1. Right click on the page to buy L $
    2. Enter in the "L $" the amount in Linden dollars, Which Is Necessary for making the purchase.
    3. Click Place Order .
    4. Return to the marketplace and make the transaction with Linden dollars ago.

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