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    This article provides clarifications to the basic information on adult content provided in the SL Knowledge Base:

    Frequently asked questions

    What does "advertises or publicly promotes" mean?

    The maturity ratings distinguish between publicly-promoted adult content, that is required to be on Adult regions, and implicitly non-public adult content, such as private homes with a sex bed, that can be located on Moderate land.

    Adult activities cannot be advertised or publicly promoted on moderate land. Such activity can be done privately, behind closed doors on Moderate land, and is forbidden on General land.

    Advertising for SL search using adult words clearly requires being on Adult land. Other ways to advertise or promote include renting signs inworld, listing on events, buying ads in newspapers, distributing flyers or notecards to passersby, and so on.

    Private invitations to friends are not considered advertising or promoting. Inviting everyone on a small private group that you control would probably not be considered advertising. However, inviting everyone on a public group would most likely be considered a promotional effort.

    For example, if someone whats to have a swinger party and invite some friends, there is no problem with that. As long as they don't advertise it, who is going to know what is happening in their own home?

    Parcels that are not entirely Adult

    There are several ways a parcel can be not entirely adult:

    • Mixed content in a public area, for example a store that sells a variety of items, some of which are adult in nature, but those are not advertised explicitly or provided for public adult usage. This would require a moderate rating.
    • Mixed public and private use of a parcel, for example a store at ground level which only sells non-adult items, and a skybox above, which is residential, and contains sex furniture. The landing point is at the store only. This would require a moderate rating.
    • Mixed use by time. For example a parcel that is normally a private residence, but occasionally advertises an adult event. This would require an adult rating. On moderate land, the event must not be advertised and must be kept behind closed doors.

    Is simple nudity without sex Adult?

    Depending on context, nudity may not necessarily require an Adult rating. For example all of the following could be rated Moderate:

    • A nude beach without sexual activity.
    • Skin vendors showing a nude skin to display the product, without specifically sexual content.
    • Nude art that is not sexual.
    • Strip clubs that do not use adult words in search or host sex furniture .

    Non-erect genitalia may not be considered Adult, depending on the context. For example:

    • Hanging out at a nude beach would be fine.
    • Walking around pants-less on the mainland just to expose yourself to others would be inappropriate.

    Non-sexualized depictions of nudity (basically, the images most skin-makers tend to use) are Moderate NOT Adult.


    Strip clubs

    • Strip clubs in general are Moderate.
    • Strip clubs that use adult keywords in listings and in search are Adult.
    • Strip clubs with sex balls and back room sex areas are Adult.

    Reference: SL forums archive, Blondin Linden, 04-22-2009 11:23.

    What words are filtered in search?

    A full list of filtered words is not provided to prevent "gaming" of search. Nonetheless, anyone can test individual words on the Second Life Search page or with inworld search. Seven words are known to be filtered always, no matter what settings are used, and an additional 65 are known to be filtered when the adult checkbox is not selected.

    Are child avatars allowed on Adult regions?

    Yes, child avatars (having been verified as being operated by adults in real life) are allowed in adult regions, but the existing rules prohibiting sexual ageplay or proximity to sexual content still apply. Since Adult regions by design will often contain sexual content, child avatars should use caution in visiting those areas.

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