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  • Homestead Regions

    Homestead Region overview

    Along with Full Regions and Openspace Regions, a Homestead Region is a type of Private Region. It is intended for lightweight use cases such as low-density rentals, light commercial ventures, or quiet residental areas. To own a Homestead Region, you must also own at least one standard Private Region.

    Specifications for Homesteads include:

    • Available to Full Region owners only
    • Lower price than a Full Region
    • Events and Classifieds are permitted
    • Comes with lower usage limits than Full Regions:

    Pricing for Homesteads is as follows:

    • Setup fee of $149
    • Monthly fee of $109

    You may convert two Homestead Regions into a standard Private Region, or you may convert a Private Region into two Homestead Regions, provided that you will have at least one remaining standard Private Region. For more information on converting between region types, see Converting Private Regions.

    For a general overview of the different types of Private Regions available, see Private Regions.

    Other rules relating to Homestead Regions

    Homesteads for educators and non-profits

    We do not offer discounts on any type of Private Regions, but qualified educators and non-profits are allowed to order a Homestead Region without owning a standard Private Region, unlike regular Residents. If you represent a qualified non-profit organization that wants to order a Homestead Region, submit a support case to do so.

    Land parcels on Homestead Regions

    Homesteads are approved for rental use within the Region limitations we have set.

    Converting Homestead Regions to another region type

    Homestead Regions may be converted to standard Private Regions or multiple Openspace Regions. For full details on converting between different Private Region types, see Converting Private Regions.

    Grandfathered pricing

    Some older regions have "grandfathered" or discounted pricing on their monthly maintenance fees. In February 2010, it was announced that these grandfathered maintenance fees would no longer be offered. Changing ownership or converting a grandfathered region now changes its maintenance fee to the current monthly rate for its region type.

    We are unable to swap the price of a current grandfathered region with a non-grandfathered region. Grandfathered pricing stays with the region for the life of the region, or until the region is transferred or converted.

    If a grandfathered region is abandoned and subsequently reactivated, its maintenance fee is updated to the current monthly rate for its region type.

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