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    Jeremy Linden

    What are notifications?

    Some actions or events in Second Life can deliver information to you by displaying a notification.  A notification is a brief message that appears in the Second Life window and then automatically disappears after several seconds.  Some notifications, such as Linden dollar (L$) transaction notices, system messages, friend invitations, and group notices, are saved and may be viewed at any time by pressing the envelope button Notices_Unread.png that appears at the top right corner of the Second Life window.

    The notifications window

    Notifications window.png

    The Notifications window allows you to view your notification history.  Open it by pressing the envelope button Notices_Unread.png that appears when you receive a new notification.  The notifications are sorted into four tabs:

    • System - Displays general notifications, such as inventory transfers and friendship status changes.
    • Transactions - Displays notifications that result from Linden dollar (L$) transactions.
    • Invitations - Displays group invitations.
    • Group - Displays notices from groups you are in.  Remember that attachments to group notices still expire after a time.  If these attachments are important to you, you should open them as soon as possible.

    Each notification in the list can be individually expanded or collapsed by clicking the arrow at the bottom right of the listing.  You may also use the Collapse all button to collapse any expanded notifications.

    If a notification requires your input, you may click it in the Notifications window to interact with it.  Once you resolve a notification in this way, it is dismissed from the list.

    You may delete notifications from the list by clicking the x button at the upper right of each listing.  Alternatively, you may click the Delete all button to delete all notifications in the current tab.

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