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    Jeremy Linden

    Second Life Share is also available for Facebook and Flickr

    Opting in to Second Life Share for Twitter

    The first time you use Second Life Share for Twitter, we guide you through the process of opting in.  Unless you disconnect Second Life from your Twitter account, you will not need to opt in again:

    1. Choose Communicate > Twitter... from the top menu bar to open the Twitter window.
    2. Click the Account tab of the Twitter window.
    3. Click the Connect button; this opens a browser window inside Second Life.
    4. Provide your Twitter login information as requested, then click the Authorize app button to connect your Second Life account to Twitter.

    Adding and removing the Twitter toolbar button

    You can add a Twitter button to your toolbar in the Second Life Viewer, giving you easy access to the Twitter window:

    1. Select Me > Toolbar buttons from the top menu bar in the Second Life Viewer.
    2. From the Toolbar buttons window, click and drag the Twitter button to the bottom or side edge of the Second Life Viewer window.  Edges where you can drop the button are highlighted in blue when you pick up the button.
    3. You can now click the Twitter button to open the Twitter window.  This button does the same thing as choosing Communicate > Twitter... from the top menu bar.

    To remove the Twitter button from your toolbar:

    1. Select Me > Toolbar buttons from the top menu bar in the Second Life Viewer.
    2. Click and drag the Twitter button from your toolbar onto the Toolbar buttons window to remove it from your toolbar.

    Sending Tweets from Second Life

    1. Select Communicate > Twitter... from the top menu bar in the Second Life Viewer.
    2. Click the Compose tab.
    3. Write a brief message under What's happening?  Your remaining usable characters are shown in green above the text field.
    4. You may optionally include your Second Life Location by checking the Include SL location checkbox.  Using this feature reduces the number of usable characters in your tweet by 40.
    5. You may also optionally include a photo of your current location by checking the Include a photo checkbox and choosing a photo resolution and filter.  You may re-take the photo by clicking Refresh.  Using this option reduces the number of usable characters in your tweet by 40.
    6. Post your message to Twitter by clicking Tweet.
    Note: The Include SL location and Include a photo boxes are checked by default, limiting your initial Tweet length to 60 characters.  By unchecking these boxes, you can use the full 140 characters of your Tweet.

    Photo filters

    When uploading a photo, you may choose from several predefined filters to add fun and interesting effects to your photos in Second Life:

    • No Filter
    • 1970's Colors - Color correction to give a "vintage 1970" look
    • Autocontrast - Automatic gray rebalancing from dark to bright based on the image luminosity histogram
    • Black & White - Changes the photo to black and white
    • Heat Wave - Adds an aged film effect and vignetting
    • Intense - Intensifies all color saturation for a more cartoonish look
    • Jules Verne - Changes the photo to black and white and adds video scan lines and distortion
    • Lens Flare - Add colorize effects to simulate a film camera light leak and lens flare
    • Miniature - Sharpen and blur regions selectively to give a "tilt shift" effect
    • Newsprint - Use a black and white screening to simulate newspaper screening
    • Overcast - Reduces intensity of colors
    • Sepia - Color conversion to sepia tones and vignette for a retro look
    • Spotlight - Burn the edges and dodge the center to focus the attention in the center of the image
    • Toy Camera - Simulate the look and feel of a film toy camera through vignetting and edge blurring
    • Video - Adds video scan lines for the look and feel of an old CRT screen

    Visiting a Second Life location from Twitter

    When you see a photo or check-in post made by someone using Second Life Share, here is how you can visit that location:

    1. Click the location hyperlink in the Tweet.
    2. The Second Life Maps page opens with more information about the region.
    3. Existing Second Life users can click Visit this location to open Second Life and teleport to the location when they log in.
    4. New Second Life users click Join now, it's free.  They can then set up a new account and visit the location once they log into Second Life.

    Opting out of Second Life Share for Twitter

    If you have opted into SL Share for Twitter, you can opt out and disconnect the feature using the following procedure:

    1. Select Communicate > Twitter... from the top menu bar in the Second Life Viewer.
    2. Select the Account tab on the Twitter window.
    3. Click the Disconnect button.  This disables the connection and deletes any related cookies.
    4. To re-enable SL Share for Twitter, you will need to provide your Twitter credentials again.

    Removing Second Life Share from Twitter

    Here is how to remove the SL Share app from Twitter:

    1. Log into Twitter.
    2. Go to your Applications at: https://twitter.com/settings/applications
    3. Find the Second Life Share app.
    4. Click Revoke access next to Second Life Share.

    Edited by Jeremy Linden

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