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  • Writing item reviews on the Marketplace

    You can write a review for an item you have purchased for yourself on the Marketplace. You can also write a review for an item someone else purchased for you as a gift. (The item needs to have been sent as a gift through the Marketplace at the time of purchase, not given to you inworld.)

    Submitting an item review

    How to create a new review

     To write a review for an item you bought:

    1. Open your order history.
    2. Click Review Product in the order description for the item.
    3. Select the number of stars you want to give to that item, give your review a title, and write your review.
    4. Click Post your review.

    Editing or removing a review

    The person who left the review can change, update, or remove his or her own review at any time.

    Sellers cannot remove reviews posted about their items. However, if the item listing is deactivated, the review(s) for that item will not be visible.

    Anyone can flag a review if it violates the TOS or Listing Guidelines. Marketplace support staff will investigate and take necessary action. See Flagging an Item on the Marketplace for specific instructions.

    Policies and guidelines

    1. The review should be about the item in the product listing, or about support regarding that item.
    2. Reviews should not use profanity.
    3. Reviews must not violate the Second Life Terms of Service or Marketplace Listing Guidelines in any way.

    This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Reviews should be appropriate to the maturity rating of the listed item.
    • Reviews should not be left by the seller of that item, whether with the selling account or an alt account.
    • Reviews should not be written for pay, or for other rewards or compensation unless both positive and negative reviews are rewarded.
    Note: Reviews are not searchable, so inclusion of keywords will not help the item's search ranking.

    Writing a good item review

    The purpose of reviews is twofold:

    • first, to inform other buyers or potential buyers about the merits, drawbacks, and uses of the item; and
    • second, to provide feedback on the seller's customer service.
    Important: For specific concerns and queries about an item you've purchased, you should contact the seller directly instead of posting a review.


    • Be specific. Don't just say "It was great! I liked it." Tell what features of the item you liked best, and why.
    • Include outstanding or unusual aspects. What about the item is special? Why should someone purchase it rather than another similar product?
    • If you had a problem with the item, explain what went wrong. Was it too prim-heavy for your mainland parcel? Did you want to adjust the size, but end up breaking off a piece instead? Buyers with similar situations will appreciate knowing what worked and didn't work for you.
    • If you do have problems, contact the seller first. Give them the opportunity to help you before you post a negative review about the product. And if the issue is resolved, remember to update your review!
    Warning: If your item is not delivered to you, don't leave a negative item review. Failed deliveries are a technical issue and not within the control of the seller. Instead, contact the seller directly, or contact Support to have the item redelivered.






    User Feedback

    Multiple 5-star reviews on the same date from multiple residents with the same birthday? Really?

    Oh, and in "What Customers are Buying Now" I see that somebody bought the red shoes, the blue shoes, the black shoes, the yellow shoes, the pink shoes, the copy/mod mega-pack AND the trans-only mega-pack. Really?


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