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About Me

  1. Magic Moon currently has some plots available for rent. Our region is a welcoming private region with a community center filled with games and other activities. Potential Residents please note that our region is: Adult Rated - no child avatars Furry Friendly - all species/races are welcome not just furries Group Owned - parcel ownership is not transferred this makes it easier to utilize all-region resources A fun place to be Parcel Rentals: North Eastern Island: L$1000/week 800Li/prims South Eastern Island: L$250/week 200Li/prims Southern Island: L$500/week 500Li/prims Apartment Rentals: Apartments are available for those not looking for a larger section of land, or just a small apartment to call home. We have 10 units available priced at L$150/week for 100Li/prims If you would like an apartment showing or to rent an apartment please contact Alex Moon(loralai.enyo) via IM inworld or by replying to this post.
  2. Hi all! I'm hoping to start a centaur herd once I've bought my BC Centaur, but if someone could direct me to a common hangout or just add me if you're interested that'd be great! Feel free to comment with ideas for the herd as well or for meeting places! Thanks ??
  3. Do you feel like there is something missing from your SL experience? I need a project, Something to fill my time here with. I have a lot of ideas of my own but I want to know what others wish to find. I can do anything from creating and Roleplay experience to a store that sells a particular type of item. Clubs in SL seem to take up most of the entertainment here and I don't really want to do that. Just looking for suggestions.
  4. The past 2 days after the new FS update SL was a mess for me. I had a date and time don't match error a million times, couldn't tp anywhere without crashing, inventory missing even after deciding to use the sl viewer.. i finally tried 1 of the fixes going from 64 bit to 32 bit update download and everything worked after that except when my groups were visible again (they were coming up as if i were in no groups at all) im not able to leave group notices for my store group (and i'm the only owner). Does anyone know if filing a ticket will help this issue or am i going to have to make a new one and start fresh? I've cleared cache, and did clean install just wondering if i've missed anything in hopes to not have to open a new member group and try to port everyone over to it. thanks in advance ♥
  5. Hey guys, just starting SL again after being away for years. I'm a Kobold and I'm looking for others to talk to. Are there any good casual groups for Kobold/goblins/trolls etc?
  6. The new llKey2Name works for avatar keys, but, it turns out, not for group keys. llGetParcelDetails, if asked for the owner of a parcel, returns a key which may be either an avatar key or a group key. How is that turned into a string name?
  7. Region Size Prims Price Notes Grendel 2816m² 994 L$550 Nick Nack 4352m² 1494 L$850 Private group. Distorted 4096m² 1406 L$800 Private group, sailable. Helcullen 4096m² 1406 L$800 Private group, sailable. Injong 2048m² 701 L$400 Gramela 1024m² 349 L$200 Toussaint 1024m² 349 L$200 Dunnylun 512m² 173 L$100 Sailable. Marmela 512m² 173 L$100 Roadside Wolchulsan 512m² 173 L$100 What are private group rentals? Private Group rentals are rentals which have a dedicated group for just that parcel. This means you get higher permissions than normal and more privacy. All rental boxes for private group rentals can be found at our office here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Elissa/230/137/23 Great reasons to rent from us All Rentals come with a money back guarentee! Dont like the area? Can't fit your build? Need more prims? Contact us within 48 hours for a full refund of anything paid. Prime locations. Competitive rates All land can be used for both residential or commercial purposes. Friends can be added to the rental, giving them the power to rez objects (just click the rental meter and use the "add tenants" option. If you have any questions please contact myself by IM. See you around
  8. I'd like to see who joined last to my group because I want to give them a new tag to join chat before they ask. Is there a way to see who joined last?
  9. Hey there! I've been searching marketplace for DAYS trying to find a time clock that will allow my employees to clock in (group based), that limits weekly hours and boots off the system if the employee has been caught AFKing. Does anyone have anything they can recommend? Thanks in advance! Celeste
  10. ~ Hello! ~ I am an experienced photographer in SL and I want to share my art with the world! I can capture a simple profile picture or a whole wedding event <3 My Flickr My Form I look forward to working with you Contact - kawaiiduirii ...Serious inquiries only...
  11. Hello I have a parcel that is an 8192 + the premium bonus 1024. I deeded the land to my group and they in turn purchased 624. Currently the tier is 35.00. I would now like to purchase a 912m for the group. The total contributions for the group is 10138. Does anyone know if my tier will increase if I purchase this land. I've gotten different answers from support so I don't know who's right or wrong..thanks
  12. I recently purchased land was told i have to have a group to keep it ? Is this true I am farely a noob my first land pruchase
  13. Looking for a way for a group to pool L$ together in a way we have a live feed of the total balance, plus records of who put what in. Ideally it would show within SL all information. The funds are to be pooled together in order to facilitate future land rental &/or community purchases. Has anyone seen something like this as a tool? Even an API option would be helpful, as we could reroute it back into SL? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi, I tried to find information about this, but I couldn't find it. I was not in sl for some months and when I came back I have my account in -36 L. When I saw my transactions it said that a group that I am NOT part... it took my lindens. How can it be possible? If I am not part of that group Now I deleted all my groups. But I want to know if this is a mistake or is this place stealing the lindens some how. And how can I stop this "Group Liability" when I am even not part of the group? 2018-04-25 02:27:00 54e2c91b Destination: xxxxxxxxxxx Club Group Liability L$1 L$-36 2018-04-19 02:26:19 bb3b7c9c Destination: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Club Group Liability L$1 L$-35 And something that I found weird... second life doesn't take the Group Liability on Tuesday? What can I do? ( I deleted the name of the place just in case they don't have nothing to do with this) Thanks so much!
  15. I recently sold my land that was under my group. the linds went to the group, my questions is, how do I transfer the linds to my Avatar??
  16. Anybody else experiencing group chat lags? Groups with 2000+ members work better than my 15 members group. Messages often are being dropped by the server and when not it takes more than five minutes per message to be processed. What can we do? Is there a solution? Is there an explanation for why some groups have it and some don't?
  17. Happy Wednesday everyone! Just a reminder that the Web User Group is today. For more info see http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Web_User_Group. Since we've received a lots questions since our last meeting we're going to have an open Q & A hour today. In addition, I'll be following up on questions from previous meetings. As a reminder, these meetings are done in voice. See you there!
  18. I have a little place in the Jeogeot gulf and a parcel next to mine came available so I bought it. The tier stayed the same so all was good. I wanted to join them together with my current and it kept saying I could not as two different owners. My original was under my group, and the new parcel was just my name. So I put my original parcel up for sale for 0 to myself and on purchase it said I was going to level up on tier.. I agreed and figured once I got all under one name It would reset at the previous level. Well, that didn't work out well. Any suggestions?
  19. We are a group of mature typists who are interested in creating a long-term story arc. We are an outlaw motorcycle club who is looking for a rival. We are looking for your group to have a valid IC reason to go against us. We sell illegal guns, fake IDs, gambling, and escorts. There is a porn studio connected to our backstory of our club but no longer a part of the active roleplay. We do not sell drugs. So a beef over turf or a drug war will not really play out well since we don't meddle with that. We are open to spreading the rp time between your sim and ours (Santa Ramona Valley) or having your crew come to our area. We are looking for anyone looking to roleplay, gun runners, mafia types, anything you can think of we are open. We are approachable OOC if you would like to discuss. Please check out our website for more information about us. https://satansrejectsmcsrv.wixsite.com/srmc-sl Our names on there if you would like to contact us in world. Seriously, lets discuss how we can make a long-term story arc for all of us.
  20. Heya, as alt of an already establihed avi, i would like to explore à Newcastle RP as a slave/pet/piece of fournitures/groopy for a whole group and serve their pleasure whenever, wherever, whomever they are. I offer my leash to the group but look for RP Care and protection with lm respect. I play a sl avi, no IRL will ne accepted; it s RP and pixel to pixel only. Any serious proposant will be considérés (gangs, bikers, lycan packs, musher with dogs, animals...till u are establihed on a Land to play in) Do not look for pain, prostitution . NC with lms and/or proposais are welcomed Sincerely urs, Cyprine
  21. Has anyone ever noticed how hard it is to find a group for females in SL that's not for some strip club or something??? It's kinda (VERY!) frustrating. Please help a girl out!!! I'm just looking for a group of women who meet up at least once a week and talk about random stuff.
  22. Is it possible for auto invite bot to do group migration? I have a rough idea how to do it but is it actually possible to do? Idea: There's group "A"(old group from where I would want to move members) and group "B" (to where I want to invite members of group A) So once the member of group A would land in range it would be auto invited to group B via bot but can bot actually read if the resident is part of group A? The group would be private so I would want to disclude any random drop and invite only residents that are part of group A. So in other words the auto invite bot would be a member of both group A and group B but can it read both groups at same time and determine that people from group A should be invited and people from B shouldn't? The "if" rule for group A would basically be inverted.
  23. Come join us at the True Gem Wellness Center for a fun and relaxing hour of playing with Zentangles! This activity is a great way to relieve stress, meditate, and brainstorm for other art projects. This is the debut of a weekly group taking place on Saturdays at 3:00PM SLT! Come check out the center, make some friends, and share your art with a welcoming and supportive group of second lifers, it's totally free and all you need is some paper and a pen! Here's your taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deneb/42/70/27
  24. I have an MIA owner and the group has been phased out. I can't delete the group until we're out of it. I can't delete her... Don't want to leave myself because it may leave it out there. There isn't an option for this on the support page, but references say contact support. Any help out there? Thank you!
  25. Can you mass invite a list of people into a group? I have a MP store and want to invite all of my customers to the store's group.
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