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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. Now with the new functions that were released onto the Wiki, a lot of my web servers used a Name2Key service(Such as W-Hat, or similar). One problem we were having is some services are not 100% reliable. Every now and then, we had NULL_KEYs returned. These scripts we made; we used as a backup when the online services were not working or did not produce the desired result. This is not meant to be used as an alternative to Name2Key with LSL scripts, it is used for websites that need Name2Key and are looking for a backup to their current Name2Key. This could obviously be expanded and is very basic. I would expand on this to allow multiple in-world servers in case of an outage and make it update to the prim's URLs into a database and not a text file. Server Directory/Structure /Name2Key | | - .htaccess | - index.php Once your directory is set up on your server, here are the files! .httaccess RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?name=$1 [L,QSA] index.php <?php if(!empty($_GET['name'])) { if($_GET['name'] == "update_url") { $fh = fopen("server_url.txt","w"); fwrite($fh,base64_decode($_GET['url'])); fclose($fh); } else { header("Content-Type: text/plain"); $fh = fopen("server_url.txt","r"); $url = fread($fh, filesize("server_url.txt")); fclose($fh); $ch = curl_init($url); curl_setopt_array($ch,array( CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER=>TRUE, CURLOPT_POST=>TRUE, CURLOPT_HEADER=>"application/x-www-form-urlencoded", CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS=>base64_encode($_GET['name']) )); $data = curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); echo $data; } } Now for the in-world scripts. This is meant to go into a single prim and be left to sit there. Name2Key.lsl string update_url = "http://WebsiteName.com/Name2Key/update_url&url="; string url; key urlRequestId; key selfCheckRequestId; key name_query; key return_key; request_url() { llReleaseURL(url); url = ""; llSetTimerEvent(0.0); urlRequestId = llRequestURL(); } throw_exception(string inputString) { llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), inputString); llResetScript(); } default { state_entry() { request_url(); } on_rez(integer start_param) { llResetScript(); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_OWNER | CHANGED_REGION | CHANGED_REGION_START) llResetScript(); } timer() { selfCheckRequestId = llHTTPRequest(url,[HTTP_METHOD, "GET",HTTP_VERBOSE_THROTTLE, FALSE,HTTP_BODY_MAXLENGTH, 16384],""); } dataserver(key i, string d) { if(i == name_query) { if(d != NULL_KEY) { llHTTPResponse(return_key,200,d); } else { llHTTPResponse(return_key,200,NULL_KEY); } } } http_request(key id, string method, string body) { integer responseStatus = 400; string responseBody = "Unsupported method"; if (method == URL_REQUEST_DENIED) throw_exception("The following error occurred while attempting to get a free URL for this device:\n \n" + body); else if (method == URL_REQUEST_GRANTED) { url = body; llHTTPRequest(update_url+""+llStringToBase64(url),[HTTP_METHOD,"GET",HTTP_VERBOSE_THROTTLE,FALSE],""); llSetTimerEvent(300.0); } else if (method == "GET") { llHTTPResponse(id, 400, "Unsupported Method"); } else if (method == "POST") { body = llBase64ToString(body); name_query = llRequestUserKey(body); return_key = id; } } http_response(key id, integer status, list metaData, string body) { if (id == selfCheckRequestId) { selfCheckRequestId = NULL_KEY; if (status != 200) request_url(); } else if (id == NULL_KEY) throw_exception("Too many HTTP requests too fast!"); } } As I said, this is not a "finished" product, as it still needs some upgrades. We highly recommend that you use it as a backup to other online Name2Key Services when you get a NULL_KEY. Hope this helps out other users!
  2. Hello, We are currently looking for LSL and PHP developers for our virtual learning environment development efforts. Please get in touch with us so that we can discuss this opportunity in further details. Send me an IM and we can take it from there. Deep Semaphore
  3. I have this script which connects to a PHP script which then connects to a data base. the script looks as such toWebPage(string params) { params += "&FromSL=true"; string tst = ""; if(DEBUG) { tst = "/tst"; } llDebugSay("HTTP REQUEST: " + URL + PRODUCTNAME + tst+"/"+controller+".php"); llDebugSay("HTTP REQUEST: " + params); myRequest = llHTTPRequest(URL + PRODUCTNAME + tst + "/"+controller+".php", [HTTP_METHOD, "POST", HTTP_MIMETYPE, "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"], params); } The method runs perfect as I have been using it for weeks, however, in the last couple of days it has just stopped working. The code is the same on both LSL and PHP. If I run the PHP script from a browser passing in the same params it works perfectly. If I get SL to send the info to the PHP script I get this returned <HTML><HEAD> <TITLE>Internal Server Error</TITLE> </HEAD><BODY> <H1>Internal Server Error - Read</H1> The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.<P> Reference&#32;&#35;3&#46;9d55ee3f&#46;1515566038&#46;54729c </BODY></HTML> I don't even know where to begin with debugging this because it works server side, just not SL side and they are using the exact same params and url????
  4. Hey guys what's up! So after quite a long break from LSL because I've been working on database coding and learning PHP. I'm now looking to get into a project in secondlife. I specialise in combat systems and combat HUDs with leveling system and integrate data scoring systems. If you'd like to get in contact me with then contact me of either 1 of 2 ways. My IMs get capped so do not IM in world Email: nathanrsjames@outlook.com Skype: +44 07940546406 P.s I would like to say that if you gave and serious project in mind that you have a serious offer and not waste my time with something that can be obtained free
  5. I am looking in to how when using the inbuilt browser on second life pre logs the user in when they visit secondlife.com, I would like to be able to pull the UUID or username from this data to know who is visiting/viewing. I have tried printing out all the headers using php/apache but nothing I know if I use the LSL llHTTPRequest I can use X-SecondLife-Owner-Key is there any way of doing this with the inbuilt browser? Thanks
  6. Long-running Land rental company is looking for a talented scripter who can create a custom land rental system from the ground up. Contact Fenris Ash inworld for complete specs and time frame for completion. Must have Excellent working knowledge of LSL, PHP, Website creation, good CS skills, as well as time management handling.
  7. Good Morning everyone. I'm looking to hire someone in world that can help me with a project. It involves a vending system in world that will be able to interface with a custom php based website and a MySQL database or possible even the WHMCS payment gateway. If this sounds like you please contact either DJLisa Rieko or JaysonEllis Resident in world. (Offline IMs go to email. Thank you. Lisa
  8. Looking for a talented scripter who has experience working with LSL and an external database. The database is already created and working, I am looking for someone who can utilize this information in world. This database currently connects to Casperlet and asks the user a series of questions when they rent a shop. Their answers to these questions are stored in the database. Development notes have been written out, if you are interested please email me at amoralie.triellis@gmail.com and I will send you the documents to review, then you can quote out the project! Possibility of ongoing work!
  9. Are you a Second Life hobbyist with a real life technology job that wants to give back in a meaningful way to empower women in the real world through a Seocnd Life venue? Are you fluent in Node, React, or another major commercial web software language, framework, or system? Do you have experience building websites with WordPress? Then you might be a candidate to apply as an instructor at the new Ada Technology and Education Center for women. At this location, we will provide paid courses that our customers have purchased to grow their skills in front and back end website development. Instructors will be paid the same price per class by Ada, regardless of the number of students, and are expected to have a short text outline of each class before teaching it. Each class must contain a complete website project students can creating using free and open source tools on the web. Instructors and all students will have access to our portal for saving class information and distributing other information after class. Payment per class is negotiable. To apply, IM "Lada Charlton" in-world, or visit the Ada Land Offices to drop a notecard with your application and contact information at our "JOBS" board. JOBS Board and notecard drop box: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonstar/217/114/23 Thank you!
  10. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262100 bytes) in /home/market/live/releases/2.1.0/lib/Zend/Db/Adapter/Abstract.php on line 808 On purpose ? check memory_limit. and display_errors !!
  11. I am looking for a scripter experienced in LSL <---> SQL who is communicative and can consult and answer questions. Contact with bluepapillon Resident inworld if you are intrested.
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