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Found 23 results

  1. Hello I've always been attracted to strong, mature women, and would love to spark a romance with an older woman (let's say 35-50 give or take) who'd enjoy spending time with a younger man. I love to go dancing, you can often find me at music clubs, would like to think I'm reasonably intelligent, have been told I'm a good para-roleplayer, and of course I am fully legal and verified. I'd like someone who is a great conversationalist, intelligent and fun, and a fellow good emoter/roleplayer is a big plus. If this fits you, send me a PM and let's chat!
  2. Looking for something fun to do or place to explore. Does anyone know of some they have tried that were a blast. Is for a date night with someone who likes to laugh and does not really like to sit still and stare off but be doing something. Please let me know if you have great ideas for this. Anything that would create fantastic memories is appreciated.
  3. I have currently hit a few rough patches in my life and I am unfortunately unable to afford a lot of the luxuries I was once able to enjoy in SL. I am seeking out a kind (or not so kind it honestly doesn’t matter) man or woman who has the lindens to spare and doesn't know what to do with them. Of course you will get something in return as I am willing to: -Help out with any of your hard daily tasks. -Show up as eyecandy to any events. -Spend quality time with you. -Model -Accompany you on any explorations. -Be an open ear and a shoulder to cry on. -Go on hunts and be a shopping buddy. -Go on dates. -And (maybe) have intercourse. I am a young Korean male who is 19 years of age and I have a fully meshed out avatar. I’ll link photos down below: I don’t discriminate and obviously I don’t care if you’re male or female (though I do identify as straight but I am willing to make exceptions for my very kind person). I will also say that I only speak English but who knows, Google translate has helped me with a few French papers in high school so maybe it will help here too If you are interested feel free to leave a comment, drop a notecard or IM me in world at T0WKIO. (Also this is strictly SL. Please don’t request any RL photos or information :D) Thanks so much!
  4. Prettybri00


    Hi My avi name is Miya Aoki (prettybri00) and I'm looking for new friends lol I'm 22 in RL .. I been on SL for almost 4 years I like Anime, Video games, KPOP, and all kinds of Music (Alt, Punk, Pop, HipHop, R&B and etc...) I'm a lil shy lol but just send me a msg I'm a nice person
  5. I am new to this game and am very interested in a sexual relationship with a girl. I am a male just to confirm. It would also be cool if you could help me learn the game, as it's pretty overwhelming. Looking forward to a reply!
  6. Hello I am a 29 year old female in rl and secondlife and am seeking a partner of the same age or older. I want someone who can emotional support me and is open minded. I have two online dads/ one of which who is also my dom. I live on their land so you do not need to have a house. I would however like an account that is over a year old as I feel they would be less likely to take off without warning. Be warned I am a full time artist so if I don't answer don't panic. I do like to run around stores and events [i love collecting gifts or do hunts] so It would be nice if you did to or didn't mind iming me while i did so. I am planning on becoming a blogger so I'd like you to support me in this endeavor. If your avi is a child one please donot apply as i am not looking for that. Please note im not looking for a rl partner so this would be inworld only. In recap, looking for an open minded, emotionally supportive man or woman of my own age with a good personality who either like to follow someone to different stores or doesn't mind im while i do.
  7. OK so i've been single for a while now on SL and now im ready to meet some people and see where things go. Im 26 from Georgia. At the moment im taking a break from college but i do attend. I dont have any family on SL or kids. Im single in RL and no kids in RL. I like to think im humoress and outgoing at times. I may come of shy at first but i will loosen up quick. Im a straight female looking for a straight male. I like nerdy so dont think im one of those girls who wants a very "street guy". I m creative so someone who has an imagination would be great. So yeah...we can talk more in world. Just add me or send a PM my way In World: KittyVLow I have an IG if you would like to follow as well its Kvp_Klow Cant wait to meet some people
  8. There are a lot of wise people on SL and so I call on the community to help me with my problem. For the longest time, I went into SL and enjoyed the adult scene. When I was younger, I used to go to strip bars in rl and when I first started SL, pole dancing was very popular. I enjoyed going to the SL strip joints and had a lot fun just hanging, meeting people and having causal sex. I did not have to drive to some seedy part of town to go to a rl strip bar and I did not have to worry about getting mugged or shot. This went on for several years (i'm posting using an ALT) with no problems. Just fun and hot sex that made me horny for my rl gf, but things sort of fizzled with my rl gf and she left me and to tell the truth, it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me, but at the time, I did not think so. I was very depressed and to deal with it, I started having a lot of sex. I felt good while I was having sex but once it was over, I got depressed, angry and lonely. I think we have all heard of this type of behavior before. After a while my family insisted I get gf. At this time, I was seeing maybe 10-15 whores in sl on a regular basis. The whores all liked me. I was a good time Charlie, kind of vanilla at heart, good at sl sex and kind of naive about BDSM and girls that want to have pimps or be sex slaves. I would point out that the BDSM girls all liked me a lot, but I was taught you do not hit a women and you should be nice to them. Little did I know, that's not always the case. I digress. Anyway, i asked this one sl whore that I really liked to be my rl gf and she agreed. That's when all the problems started. The biggest mistake I made was agreeing to having a "closed relationship" in sl. It was her idea. Now, let me say, I am an old wolf and I have cheated on my gf's in rl, in the past and had plenty of one night stands but I am not like that anymore. I think it is very important to be faithful....however, it soon became apparent, that my sl gf was seeing other people and is into BDSM. When I confronted her about it, she lied to me and got upset at me for accusing her. However, I knew for a fact she was working in club because another girl I knew, saw a picture of my sl gf in my house and told me. This other girl knew her name. Then I met a couple of men who were her clients and then I caught her with her pimp. We had a big fight. A lot of them. We fought and had sex and fought and had sex with other people and fought and then had more sex with each other. It was very hot. This when on for a year. She used to say silly things to me like: "I don't cheat when I am in love." Meaning, she did not love me. So I left her and then she says that she really loves me. So I went back with her but nothing changed. She still has sex with other people and lies about it. I would not mind so much if she did not lie about it. Also, she gets totally bent out of shape when I hook up with someone else. My question is this: Is lying like that okay or am i fool to stick around because, it bothers me when she is with other men and lies about. I think she has several bf in sl that she keeps that don't know about each other and from my experience, that's pretty common. The lying is what concerns me. Thoughts?
  9. When was your lowest point in SL and what caused it? Come November I will have been in SL for 11 years. Looking back I can see that there definitely was a low point. That one moment where everything hit rock bottom. Mine was 21 November 2009. One simple picture with a capture bemoaning the loss of a long time resident and wondering if the future would see a revival in a community. I was asked to pack up and leave, all over a misunderstanding. I felt so completely lost and forsaken by the bad turn of events. Rejection in SL is as painful as it is in RL. I realized that some of it was my fault. My real life was crumbling around me, a recent miscarriage and a failing marriage were taking its toll. I certainly wasn't a wholly positive person to be around at times. For the next couple of years, I foundered and wondered why I even bothered with SL, but I remained. I met a few good people who helped me out and by 2012 things vastly improved.
  10. Hello all, I was wondering where should be the best option to post a search for a partner. I read in some threads that those should be post on the adult section. However it seems very flexible in terms where you post this type of ad. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Kamep
  11. SL Name: Taryn Kramer (tarbear4life) ---------------------------- SLT+3 ------------------------------------------------------------ Looking for: Dominant -------------------------------------------------------------------------- About me:Im 22 irl and i have a really kind personality im bubbly and silly with a dorky/nerdy sense of personality i love horrormovies and disney movies and just being myself i aim to make my Daddy happy. and not disipoint ^^ i can be bratty but its all in good fun not to make him angry i like laid back areas where i can be myself. <3 ------------------------------------------------------------------- what im looking for: im looking for a daddy that i can be myself around and that doesnt presure me to do things im uncomfterble with . i want to be happy! and make a connection and not just be a play thing im a babygirl not a play thing please treat me like im your partner not just some toy. ^-^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- i voice and skype and discord i play ps4 and have a SL family :3 Dealbreakers: No way to voice Heavy and thick accents ( Exceptions include, Brits, Aussies, Scotts, New Zealands ) Prim / NON mesh Avatars Loud Screaming/noises ( im autistic please be respectful of my ears and my noise senseitivity )
  12. Hey everyone, Aki is a vivacious, sexually experienced 18 year old. She is seeking a man to be her cuckolded husband. She doesn't seek instant gratification, but it's a long hard haul going through a lot of candidates and either them finding something about her they don't like, or vice versa. Her needs are simple: a guy who will adore, worship, spoil and serve her... not slavery, he can hold his head high in public, but in private, his weaknesses are fully revealed. All while she carries on with her present lifestyle that entails her enjoying the charms of an awful lot of men! In world, she has a detailed notecard on what she offers... please contact her for it if you're interested. Oh, and other Wannabe Hot Wives - please feel free to post in this discussion too! Aki xx
  13. Hey guys name is Yellow (ƳєƖƖσω (CurseSmile)) I'm about 1 year &1/2. In that time frame, I've been on and off in SL. I want to be part of an imperfect family and friends group (PG & MODERATED themed):: ☞ mother (maybe father) ☞siblings (soul sistahs) ☞ friends ☞ dating; possibly an awesome SL partner too (if we click) ✿I do have a lovely zooby baby, I take it seriously ✿I have always been the one who cares, who always send a message first, yet, I want to cared for too, accepted and wanted. ✿I want my own personal time attention not too much, not too few, but a sincere "hey, Yellow what's going on, let's do something," About me: RL: 23 y.o. I am a sister, a daughter, friend, employee, esthetician, student, christian, cousin, auntie, therapist, & ++ ✿ Eastern Day Time ✿I love food, positive energy, unlimited great convo, a great hug, warm cocoa (coffee makes me sleepy) music, sleeping, singing, food &+++ ✿ I'm shy and soft spoken so I might be skeptical at first, but if you're sincere, I've been told I'm pretty cool and a bit chatty once I've gotten comfortable.
  14. Hey guys name is Yellow (ƳєƖƖσω (CurseSmile)) I'm about 1 year &1/2. In that time frame, I've been on and off in SL. I want to be part of an imperfect family and friends group (PG & MODERATED themed):: ☞ mother (maybe father) ☞siblings (soul sistahs) ☞ friends ☞ dating; possibly an awesome SL partner too (if we click) ✿I do have a lovely zooby baby, I take it seriously ✿I have always been the one who cares, who always send a message first, yet, I want to cared for too, accepted and wanted. ✿I want my own personal time attention not too much, not too few, but a sincere "hey, Yellow what's going on, let's do something," About me: RL: 23 y.o. I am a sister, a daughter, friend, employee, esthetician, student, christian, cousin, auntie, therapist, & ++ ✿I love food, positive energy, unlimited great convo, a great hug, warm cocoa (coffee makes me sleepy) music, sleeping, singing, food &+++ ✿ I'm shy and soft spoken so I might be skeptical at first, but if you're sincere, I've been told I'm pretty cool and a bit chatty once I've gotten comfortable.
  15. I would love a boyfriend preferably someone with darker tastes. I'm up for anything. And if things get serious we can make it official of course.
  16. Are you a male or a female that is currently single and ready to mingle? Do you need a bit of a confidence booster that guaranteed you to score your winning date? Are you a shy, nervous and self-centered individual that may hamper you in scoring a date? Do you have nothing to do and just want to have a great time? If you answer yes to any one of the four question, then you are in luck as the Prime Community Residence is hosting our weekly Speed Dating event at the cleanest, safest, community in the entire Second Life's grid. Held today, Wednesday 14th June, 2017 at 4pm SLT at the Prime Community's Event Center (Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River Falls/142/139/23) Hosted by Jesse D. Bernard. Registration cost as low as $20 L. So come on down to our Speed Dating event held at the Prime Community and find that perfect soulmate you so desire.
  17. ellow I'm alex as you should know lol I'm seeking someone who is serouse about this first off I'm in open online relationship with my Hun Kenny aka my senapii me and him met on Instagram he's not on sl yet ok so what I'm looking for is someone who would like to be my second bf /gf or mate plz only if your serouse I'd like to get to know you first we can start off as friends a little bit about me I'm 21 I'm an artist love anime I'm really into my art love photography and I'm bubbly if you want me comment we can Im or add me name up their
  18. Are you feeling single, lonely and recently out of relationship? Have you not gone on a date because either you are shy, self-centered or even nervous? Do you want an event that will boost your confidence as well as your self esteem in order to capture that perfect soul mate? Well then you do in fact have a date today as Prime Community Resident; the cleanest, safest and simply the best communities in Second Life invited you to our speed dating event held today, yes today at 12:30 PM SLT at the Prime Community Event Hall, or take a taxi here if you are lazy (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River Falls/143/139/23). Registration Fee is as low as $20L with well stocked open bar as well as our snack bar. So what are you waiting for?! Come on down now and find your future soulmate, you may end up lucky HOSTED BY JESSE D. BERNARD
  19. Hello I am Clark and i would love to thank you for taking the time to look at my post. i am a builder, designer, decorator in sl, i also like to roleplay and have fun and a good time. but let me be honest for a moment i put a lot of time and effort into my builds and projects on sl i like trying to make everything have perfection and realism that i build. i am a really nice friendly person. i love to have some fun. but i also know when to be serious. i am looking for a female who i can become a partner with. in a relationship/friendly way. but i have 2 rules i have 2 follow, no sex and no kissing. to be quiet frank i am morely looking to be some ones arm candy and have a sugar momma haha. but where that sounds rude or harsh in anyway i dont mean it like that. yes i need money to do things and finish things but in the end of everything it will be putting money back into your pocket as well. i have plans, ideas, crazy ideas. i just need some ones help to bring them alive. and i figure if maybe i post something here i can find and make a new friend while getting some help and helping them. so in all ways this is a win win situation for both parties. I am in a relationship in RL but she doesnt mind if i date on here i figured i should let anyone who reads this know now instead of later. Again thank you for taking the time to read this. i hope you have an awesome day, please contact me in world to talk with me
  20. My name is Alexis Sage, and I am looking for a sugar daddy to spoil me and treat me like a princess. I have and RL partner already so nothing in RL, but I am looking for an SL relationship. High quality AVI would be a plus, I'm on SL all day. I am a voice escort at Pink Gentleman's Lounge. I would rather voice then text. I have been hurt multiple times so be gentle with me. I am Aussie, so I have a sexy Aussie accent I also have a romantic side, like ballroom dancing especially at Franks Elite. Please message me in-world for more info My RL photo is on my 1st life if you need to see what I look like.
  21. Hi I'm a 26 year old female and I have a shy lesbian friend who is just 21 and really wants to meet a girl who lives in real life near Iowa. She's kinda shy and has never really had luck trying to find a good lesbian friend. She's very shy but, very nice just wants to find a girl her age to spend time with. Message me in world if you are in this area and are interested in maybe meeting so I can see if you fit what she's looking for. THEBIGTONI resident is my username so just IM me.
  22. After trying a few times to find an rp dad for my children at dating agencies I've decided to try here in forums. Most dating places only offer people looking to be with only one person not joining a family and having kids and pets and etc. Every guy so far has been only about me and me only wanting me wanting my attention but not the kids. Even when I tell them not connecting with my kids will get you dropped quick. A little about my family I myself am an Elf 2 sons & 3 daughters all adopted (one son is a furry others are human) 1 daughter & 2 sons (forever kids but not included in parenting) Pet: Wolf named Zaja All diverse in sexual orientation All diverse in age (Toddler to Adult) Majority of the children roleplay (Varies in skill) We live together on a 1/4 sim on private land. The children all have their own rooms so they know how it is to have space and they know how to give each other their own personal space as well. There are various common areas at the house for the family to relax in. As well a lake side retreat and study on land for the kids to also take refuge. We have a family group for the land so that we may control and maintain who can come in and out, if accepted you will be required to join landgroup. Requirements for Co-Parent (Must be Male can be married or dating as long as partner accepts the children) Has a home Doesnt ask the kids for L or gifts Has a child safe home No incest No ***** spends time with the children Likes furries comes to visit the children at home participates in family days doesnt try to force the kids to do things Requirements for Partner (Must be Male - Single - Active) All Qualities of a co-parent Isnt a freeloader contributes to family (Ideas, Time, etc) Not lazy Not clingy (Other requirements can be discussed in private) Picture of our home attached, still decorating
  23. I am a Sugar Baby looking for a Sugar Daddy. I am a smart, creative, fun individual who is looking for a Sugar Daddy to entertain me, take me places, and be willing to provide an allowance. I can be whatever you want (18 years old and up,) and you won't be disappointed. IM me in game for any questions.
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