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Found 19 results

  1. 1 - For you couples in SL, do you get together with the intention of meeting in RL or, is it strictly SL for you? 2 - Also, what are your thoughts about people with RL partners (bf/gf/wife/husband) who have partners in SL? This includes RL partners that do, or do not know about the SL relationships? My answer - Personally, I think as long as the real-life partner knows about the SL relationship and is OK with it, then no one has any rights to judge. Actually honestly, I don't think anyone has any "right" to judge anyone else unless it directly affects that person. Does that make sense? I don't see how a rl partner would NOT know about an online partnership, friendship, or whatever the relationship is in SL.
  2. Hello Everyone ! So according to this interesting book called "The Five Love Languages", peoples have 5 ways to express Love in relationships: receiving gifts, Quality Time , words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and Physical touch. And from what i've understand even though we may appreciate more than one or all of them, people usually have a Language that they like more than the others. What's yours ? which language do you use most to express love and which one do you like to receive the most ? ( :
  3. Hello everybody, I am new to this game and haven't had much experience in meeting other people. I was just curious as to whether people actually create meaningful relationships with other residents. I was hoping some of you could share your stories of some of the most memorable moments you've experienced in Second Life. What is you're favorite aspect of Second Life and why do you continue to play it? What kind of impact has Second Life had in your real life? As you guys can probably tell, I'm a college student and I am writing a research paper on this virtual community. I would love to make friends and would appreciate it if someone would show me the ropes. So far, my experience in Second Life has been pretty positive but I know there's a lot more to see. Please share your stories with me.
  4. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't find any posts when I searched. The question is, has anyone here been in a long term, more than mere friends, sl relationship like for 8 to 11 or even more years? Has sl created such strong bonds that it endures and can last a lifetime beyond the existence of this platform? Was it hard to keep it going or was it easy for you? Were there breaks in between? How did you make it last long? What was the circumstances of both parties, if you care to share those too if not that's alright. If it was purely online or if you got to see each other in the physical world. If it ended and why? How did you feel about it? Others with less than the specified number of years can answer too. The same questions can be applied to sl friendships. I'm asking because the longest sl relationship that I have heard of was 6 years. Mine has gone on for nearly as long as my avatar has been in world, which is three years and nine months. I tend to get attached with the people that I form deep friendships, romantic relationships with, investing a lot of time, care and emotion into them. The idea that it's going to end is rather devastating. This isn't a survey, I'm genuinely interested and hopeful that long term bonds such as friendships, companionship, or romantic relationships in sl do exist.
  5. Hi I am looking for a roomate. I live in a 2 floor skybox apartment, the place will be open for you to roam free no restrictions the room is a decent size you have a bathroom as well. You can decorate or use my furniture its completely up to you. There are about 10 other apartments in the building renting at 50L a week which is pretty damn good if you ask me. I pay 100L for my place because its bigger. So if you choose not to be my room mate you can also just rent your own apartment. I'm honestly looking for good friends you know and if we are neighbors or roomies that would be even better. Male and females are welcome to IM me in world. I'm on quite often so feel free to hmu or add me. Monaiesha is my name. IM me so I can show u place and we can get to know each other. If you are against sex or company this is not the place for you. Lol you can bring who u want over I do not care. Not looking for payment for the room!
  6. So I am curious to know has anyone married their SL partner in RL? If so are you still together and in love. Do you still get in SL together? and if you do is SL still fun?
  7. I've been hanging out with my best SL friend for 10 months now. We do crazy stuff, we wander the Sims and we have a great time. Sometimes I feel like I've no time for anything else and just really want to go build something or shop. But I don't because he's been very loyal to me. 4 months ago I met someone else and hit it off with them too. It took about five minutes of introducing my old and my new friends to discover they REALLY did not get on. Thankfully my new friend is rarely on SL at the same time as me so I've still spent time with the old one for the most part. But I make time for my new friend when they are online. I realised jealousy was coming from both sides and had words with my new friend to be really clear that they needed to respect my friendship with my best mate and if they couldn't then my loyalty had to be with the person I'd known the longest. My new mate was amazing and admitted they'd been feeling jealous, said they'd work on it and ever since we've managed to make that side work. But today my old mate went off on a rant after I spent 30 minutes with my new friend. I TP'd my old mate in to my house (which is in an area I share with my best mate!) so I could say my goodbyes to the new person and head off on adventures with the old one. Instead the old one went silent and TP'd away after a while. Then once my new friend logged off sent me angry IMs about how much they hate my new friend. I honestly don't know what to do. I HATE drama. I just want to get along. I totally know I can't neglect either person (to be honest, given my SL revolves totally around the both I have been neglecting a lot of other people but... anyway) and I respect they don't get along. Is life too short for this drama? Do I cut ties? Do I get rid of the new friend and stick with the old? Do I start a set schedule and keep them totally separated (I've got other parcels of land... I can have two houses in totally different regions!)? Writing it all down just sounds so much like drama and that makes me hate the situation even more. I just want to have fun... explore... screw around... dress in crazy avatars. Am I expecting too much?
  8. Hey! I'm Athena,Im 19 - Ive been in SL longer than probably should be.. '<_<.. >_>' I'm usually bubbly,fun,have a extremely creative and imaginative side. -but just like everyone else I have my demons. Typically youll catch me rpin' - doing photography or creating things for my store. I wanna find an SL only partner,as I already have a rl bf (yes,I know some people have their own ideas of what is and isnt okay in sl and have a rl bf and sl bf is weird.) however! what would make my sl more complete? finding my partner here.. Someone who is just as laid back,funny,creative - isnt afraid of bad jokes (or making them)...and just is overall a great person,if your interested in getting to know me - IM me ! inworld is AStormieDay Heres a few photos of my avi!
  9. i am new and wnated to start off with a relationship..if interested let me know below.
  10. I met a wonderful man here in SL recently. He had me almost at Hello! I could tell from day one that he was special and we have been connecting almost every day since we met. It has not been too long yet and we're still very new, but we're trying to work out some of the things in our new SL relationship that are posing a few small challenges. The main one is time zone and maybe, well, time itself! He lives in Australia and I live in the USA. We are 16 hours apart! My late afternoon and night is his early morning and daytime. Somehow, we have made it work out so far, since he works alone at home during the day and I am on my computer at night. But of course we have to keep a balance between SL and RL. We've been talking about ideas for how to best do this, and decided to try dedicating two days/nights (depending on which country you're talking about!) a week to spending extra time together online. The rest of the days/nights we will still spend time together when we can, but will try not to make those stretch out for hours on end. What do you all think? Is there anyone else on here who has been faced with these challenges? What do you do to keep your RL and your SL relationship in balance?
  11. Hi! I'm looking for a BF in SL and also in RL! Any takers?
  12. I keep things SL no ands ifs ors or buts. If you are lucky enought to get that close to me then congradulations you are not the first one though. Honesty is key. A relationship without honesty is like a car without gas cant do nothing with it. Once my trust is broken it is extremely hard to get it back. If we are together in SL then respect me and i will respect you. Do not try and act like you can control me though. I would never try and control you so do not try and control me. I am bisexual so I flirt with both genders. I am okay with polyamorous relationships typically one man and one woman for me. However If we decide to to be monogamous then dont think you can just sleep around if you want to see other people to then be honest. I am a huge flirt and I am also pervy. look for me inworld milliewillow
  13. I am starting a new private practice inworld and would love to take on new clients. If you are interested in setting up a consultation please contact me inworld. Fiona Serendipity
  14. I would really like to build a real private practice in Secondlife as I feel many people can use talk therapy in their RL/SL lives. I need assistance in marketing and getting my practice out there if anyone has suggestions on the best marketing team/branding team. It is really important to have some stability in SL and I believe I can help those who want to be helped.
  15. Alright I am writing this because i suck at making friends inworld. I am sweet and fun. I work as a host (dont worry I dont mass tp its annoying). I can be a little pervy once I know someone but its all in good fun. I am not looking for things to go to RL I may occasionally talk about it but we will never meet or date in RL. I am a nerd enjoying anything that has to do with doctor who, anime, and gaming. If things move to being more then friends then okay but it would only be a SL relationship. If interested look me up milliewillow.
  16. I Am an 18 ( RP age ) Year old, family oriented girl. i have a good family and typically play a werewolf. Right now currently RPing in Liberty bay with my family. I Am a tall, and curvy Brunette. I Am A little whacky, a bit out of a control with a big heart. I Am looking for someone who would be interested in meeting and possibly dating. As I Am sure most know, Sl can be lonely so having some one to rp with and hang out with and get to know me will ease that loneliness..I Am from Belgium SLT +6, but I Speak English very well. Please PM me IN world. Ashley 'Sy' Morningstar (mariososocute)
  17. Since I run a 7yr old club that lets people pretend to be a stripper, I often get this question and haven't got a great answer. I don't do the serious role play in SL, am more of a RL me, enhanced person, so Not including furry, alien creatures or all the other non humans, does most human role play consist of a totally separate created persona and if they have alts, can it be separate from the other alts without regard to feelings in RL. Can a guy have one avatar as the "bad boy" type and another as the loyal partner type? Can a girl create an avatar as the partner, loyal and loving and still have an alt as the stripper in my club and resolve it as role play? Setting aside, non serious actors, I know several people that have alts that come to the club to avoid their partners, one naughty, one not. I am curious as how they resolve the partnered relationship with the "alt gone wild' persona. Do you think they can just go oh, that is not the me in the relationship, its a created persona in role play or is it a connected but "on the sly" license to cheat thing. I see some partnered relationships quite serious, at times evolving into real life ones (if not created that way) and its hard to understand how one of those people can "create" another avatar that roams randomly without thought to the other one without mutual understanding and consent. Seems much easier to understand in non human, since one can log in as Fred the Furry, then log out and back in as the Alien Scourge without much conflict. One has to understand this IS a second life and exaggerations abound, after all, we ALL cant be 21. You can be anything you want, but can one be multiple without concern for the other in human form?
  18. Hello, I'm a writer working on a piece about Second Life for a major national magazine, and I'm curious to speak to people who have met long-term partners on SL. I'm particularly curious to speak to people who have formed relationships that also took place IRL. Please reply to this thread if you'd be interested in speaking to me about your SL relationships and what they have been like--what has been amazing, what has been difficult, and everything in between. Thank you so much.
  19. Is it possible for two alts from the same person to marry each other?
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