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About Me

  1. (Apologies if this has been asked a thousand times. I have tried to use the search but not found the answer) Basically - I have a small parcel - just 20 x 40 metres with my little house in it. But when I walk around I sometimes can hardly move, or then I will sink into the floor then suddenly reset to floor level. I have turned on the lag meter and it says server lag is bad (it shows in red). It is on mainland in an adult area. I have a modest amount of furniture. My understanding is that this type of lag is largely caused by too many scripts in the sim. I have had an explore and high above me just to one side is a huge deserted adult club in a castle in the air. I had a nosy around and it is full of *interesting* and complicated-looking equipment. It seems to be completely abandoned (I have never seen anyone there in 'radar'). I contacted the land owner some time ago (and sent a notecard) and have had no response. Maybe they no longer use Second Life. So three questions: 1. Is there a range from my parcel within which other people's scripts can affect performance back in my parcel, or is it the whole sim? 2. If I am affected by the whole sim how big is a sim? I have looked on https://maps.secondlife.com but can't see sim borders. 3. Is there no policy of de-rezzing objects or at least disabling scripts in abandoned places? If not it seems to be this could be a good policy from LL. Though... I suppose the tenant must still be paying for the land on a monthly basis?
  2. Many of my guests argued about sim lag on the 4000sqm parcel on a fullsim when they are walking around. You walk and suddenly you are only gliding und then jump bag from where you were before starting to glide. So I wrote a note to my landlord and also tried to find out myself what is happening. First the landlord told me ther is no lag on my parcel (because they are only short peaks) The result was: Lag is normal nowaday on fullsims. The performance breaks down on evry entry of an avatar to the sim. For me this happens about 40 times in an hour. Many do not stay for long on the sim. There are seldom more than 10 avatars on the sim at the same time. But 40 walk-lags during an hour are nasty. The landlord thinks this situation is totally normal, so I got angry that he does not do anything to fix this problem. I decided to move to a better sim . And now my odyssee startet. Everywhere I looked at the sim statistics using ctrl-shift-1 and nearly everywhere if the sim wasn't empty I saw the same picture: https://gyazo.com/429df6dd5be2b6bc14f972a6048b3b5e nearly all half filled sims ar at their limits. "Spare Time" is often nearly 0. "Script Time" is very near to to "Total Frame Time", so scripts take the most part of the the total time of a sim., even if there are only 1 or 2 agents on the sim. The new "Scripts Executed" (not sure about this tag name) offen is just above 30%, that means as far as I know that 70% of all scripts are waiting to get executed again (Remember that the server stops scipts first if a sim is in danger to lag) There are a lot of questions I have, does anybody have an opinion on them? Do I see this problem right? Is this also caused by the 30% more prims, that often also contain scripts? Is it possible to get the values of "Spare Time" and "Scripts Executed" from a script to judge the lag-danger for a sim? Is there a way to get away from this lag? Are the sim owners aware of this bad situation and are there any activities on LindenLab side to solve this problem? What will happen when LindenLab also shifts the computation of graphics from the viewer to the already over strained server as is planned? In old times the problem of lag when an avatar jumps in only existed on homesteads, because more homesteads are on one cpu. Now sim lag seams to be common on a full sim
  3. I really appreciate anyone taking the time out of their day to answer this questions. HOWEVER, please read the description here entirely before doing so as it's frustrating and takes longer for anyone searching for the same answer to actually find the answer when things are having to be repeated countless times. I have tried to get rid of this hovering text that shows when the mouse is over a scripted game like no devil, but I am never able to find the solution. I'm using the newest update of Firestorm 5.1.7. My account is a little over 13 years old but I've only been playing actively for about 7 years. I only like firestorm viewer so I don't want to switch viewers. I've tried the shortcode, and turning off hovertips, but nothing works. One photo is of my settings and the other is of what hovering text I'm speaking of. The text box is not faded like that, it's just my computer sucks at taking screenshots of things that require using the keyboard or mouse as well. Thank you again for taking the time to read this and hopefully have some insight <3
  4. I discovered a box on my sim that neither my tenant nor I can return to the owner. I've submitted three abuse reports, and submitted a ticket that basically blew me off. I am the sim owner. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it? I contacted the owner and the creator with no replies. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone I am looking for a gag (or a script for a gag) that supports speech training . I know MoDesigns used to but they are out of business. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Like I say on the tin, I'm running scripts on my avatar, but I'm durned if I know how. I'm also a SL-newbie and something of a moron when it comes to technology. But I do understand that the more my avatar wears, the harder it becomes for others to see her properly. (The Free Dove area has "scales" to measure an av's "weight." I've been making liberal use of them.) - Aside from that, I got nothin'. I'd appreciate any help. I have questions: WHAT could these mysterious scripts be? WHERE can I find them? HOW can I turn them off? SHOULD I turn them off? (Do they stay turned off forever?) Thank you very much. - Violet
  7. Is anyone aware of a tool that will monitor script usage on a sim? Not avatar scripts but actual object scripts on a sim. I'm trying to figure out why the script time on the sim I live on is so high, and if I'm causing any problems though I don't believe I am. I know estate managers have access to some Linden tools but would like to be able to monitor myself. Thomas Conover had a tool that did this, Advanced Border & Performance-Scanner HUD, but he sadly seems to be gone now, is not answering any IM's and I never received this tool when I purchased it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. OK, so I am trying to create hud that premtively grabs perms then sends out those perms when colliding with something. I created step level testing for each phase, so far it works up until it needs to read the permissions. In the testing it says no perms detected even though perms were given. Excuse my language I just find it funny when the object talks back Hud Script: list buttons = ["-", "Btn1", "Btn2", "Btn3"]; string dialogInfo = "\nPlease make a choice."; key teleportee; key ToucherID; integer dialogChannel; integer listenHandle; default { // reset script when the object is rezzed on_rez(integer start_param) { llResetScript(); } changed(integer change) { // reset script when the owner or the inventory changed if (change & (CHANGED_OWNER | CHANGED_INVENTORY)) llResetScript(); } state_entry() { dialogChannel = -1 - (integer)("0x" + llGetSubString( (string)llGetKey(), -7, -1) ); llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TELEPORT); llGetOwner() == teleportee; } touch_start(integer num_detected) { ToucherID = llDetectedKey(0); llListenRemove(listenHandle); listenHandle = llListen(dialogChannel, "", ToucherID, ""); llDialog(ToucherID, dialogInfo, buttons, dialogChannel); llSetTimerEvent(60.0); // Here we set a time limit for responses } collision_start(integer num) { llSay(1642,"Pressed"); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (message == "-") { llDialog(ToucherID, dialogInfo, buttons, dialogChannel); return; } llListenRemove(listenHandle); // stop timer since the menu was clicked llSetTimerEvent(0); if (message == "Btn1") { //listen to this specific channel llListen(1641, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llSay(1640,"Pressed"); } else if (message == "Btn2") { //listen to this specific channel llListen(1641, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llSay(1643,"Pressed"); } if (message == "Btn3") { //listen to this specific channel llListen(1641, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llSay(1644,"Pressed"); } else { //do anything else } } timer() { // stop timer llSetTimerEvent(0); llListenRemove(listenHandle); llWhisper(0, "Sorry. You snooze; you lose."); } } Listening Script key teleportee; Teleport() { integer perm = llGetPermissions(); { if(PERMISSION_TELEPORT & perm) { llSay(0,"Perms Detected"); llTeleportAgent(llDetectedKey(0), "", <13.0, 38.0, 23.5>, <13.0, 12.0, 23.5>); } else { llSay(0,"No Perms Detected"); } } } default { state_entry() { //listen to this specific channel llListen(1641, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llListen(1640, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llListen(1643, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llListen(1644, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llListen(1642, "",NULL_KEY, ""); //you can say something like this llSay(1641,"Pressed"); } //listen for something to happen listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(channel == 1642) { llSay(0, "The Hud Works!"); Teleport(); } else { llSay(0,"You *****ed it"); } } }
  9. ok so im trying to make a script that sit's inside a prim and outputs a score once you distroy your opposition but i seem to be missing somethning as i can get the outputs both on the prim and in chat but i cant seem to get the output on the board or who made the kill if anyone can point me in the right way or help i would be greatful as ive been trying to fix this for a few hours now integer channel = -933; vector text_color = <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>; integer number_of_scores = 3; list highscores = []; print_scores() { string text = "HIGH SCORES\n----------------"; integer i; for (i = 0; i < (number_of_scores * 2); i += 2) { if (llList2Integer(highscores, i) == 0) { text += "\n-"; } else { text += "\n" + llList2String(highscores, i + 1) + " (" + llList2String(highscores, i) + ")"; } } llSetText(text, text_color, 1.0); } default { state_entry() { llListen(-933,"", NULL_KEY, ""); if (number_of_scores < 1) number_of_scores = 1; print_scores(); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (message == "Score") { llOwnerSay("You Sank My Battleship!"); highscores += [(string)id]; highscores = llListSort(highscores, 1, FALSE); highscores = llList2List(highscores, 0, (number_of_scores * 2) - 1); print_scores(); } //else if (str == "clear scores") { highscores = []; print_scores(); } }
  10. Do you have a project that could use a custom mesh props or scripts? Are you unsure of how to make this happen and are ready to hire someone else to help you? I can be that person for you. Whether you know exactly what you want to have made or need to get your ideas onto paper we can work together to make your project a reality. I have 6+ years experience creating mesh objects and 2+ years programming in and out of Second Life. I use that experience to create high quality, high efficiency mesh props and scripts that will take your project to completion. Let me help you with your next project. Let's chat! Send me a message in world to "BrownBoxStudio", email me at brownboxstudio@gmail.com, or even leave a message on this post, and start working together towards reaching your creative goals. Here are some mesh objects I have made for second life. They average about 3-5 prims each. If you would like to see them inworld, send me a message and we can meet up. I also have scripted games, and other objects, that I can be shown on request if custom scripting is what you are wanting.
  11. We need a little help finding an animator that will create skating animations. We are looking for original skating anims on HUD and also sex on skates. We are looking to enhance the venue. We would pay such an animator if we can find him or her. But also we would need the rights. if you can help please contact me Laney Katt (msboku) Thank you
  12. I built a mesh house all linked and I placed scripts in the doors. When the door is touched the camera moves making it appear like you were bumped. I tried changing scripts and its still doing it. I changed the doors and its still doing it. I'm so confused, I've never had this happen before in one of my builds.
  13. Hi, guys! I'm wanting to rent a land, but I dread the Breedables! What form is there to find out if there are farms like these damn hidden in the SIM (Mainland)? Thank you.
  14. Question for the experts: What is a reasonable amount of total script time for each type of region? Like an amount beyond which you'd start to see noticeable region performance degradation (sim lag) if we assumed each region on a processor is the same region type with the same total script time?
  15. VoltRyder

    a request

    so ive got this mech: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vaak-M7-Bento-Mech/14895837 and I fell in love with it. well, what I'm looking for is someone who can help make a cockpit for it, with a kind of stealthy look, where you cant see the pilot inside, this kinda look: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/40/4e/7b/404e7b8d8ac67a1e9a524e0f11b59ae3.jpg except with metal hard points on the top that look like neko ears, and maybe a shoulder mounted minigun that can have a script to be able to switch between the minigun, and the arm cannon? maybe multiple faces so it can be colored some too? of course we will discuss a price
  16. Looking for a way for a group to pool L$ together in a way we have a live feed of the total balance, plus records of who put what in. Ideally it would show within SL all information. The funds are to be pooled together in order to facilitate future land rental &/or community purchases. Has anyone seen something like this as a tool? Even an API option would be helpful, as we could reroute it back into SL? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi guys! I'm Callie, nice to meet you. I saw a very pretty place (a skybox) and it has this house, and inside it, have a few rooms. One of those, was "apart" of the rest of the house (if you entered inside it, the people you was seeing would vanish, as you would vanish for them. It's like you was in a different place, but in the same skybox, separeted by a "black veil"). I would love to know if anyone could help me with the name of this script, or anything like it. Thank you all! I wish the best week for you guys <3
  18. Hi, I am really frustrated. I buy furniture that is supposed to have working scripts but when I Rez them they do not work. I checked my land and the land is set to allow everyone to run scripts. When I go to Build/Scripts/ the option to select Set Srcipts To Running is not clickable. How come? If I have to get new script to put in my furniture, how do I do it? I have beach chairs that work, how come the other furniture doesn’t work?
  19. I just bought a private island and was working on it yesterday night. I invited a friend over and he asked if I could enable scripts and building so he could place a building he wanted to add to our island. I did what I could and enabled it in the Parcels options (I haven't split the island up yet, don't intend to if I don't have to) and yet the scripts and building was still banned estate wide. Is there a way to enable scripts and building estate wide on a newly bought sim? I intend to rent out apartments and small houses on the island to other residents and would like to get scripts and building options online to other residents so they can place furniture down in there homes.
  20. Everytime when private st*pid islands cick my avatar out on the SaveHub i lose control with my hud. Huds just stop working and it is impossible to press the button. 1.1 Refresh/Reset scripts doesn't work. 1.2 Relog doesn't work. 1.3 Yes, region allow script work. 1.4 Reattach doesn't work. Before tell to me about "What about redelivery system?" 2.1I don't want waste my time on redelivery system, because i saved a lot of my outfits with this aos and other huds! 2.2 Some huds is too old & i don't want to buy the same huds from other creators. What about move your scripts inside of other same objects? See 2.1
  21. i have been hearing my dog barking and my fireplace, but i removed it from my land. how can i deactivate he scripts from running.
  22. My boyfriend and I are starting a club, however any time we leave scripts will stop working. Rezzers won't work, games stop functioning, basically anything with a script in it dies until we log back in. Obviously we need to know how to fix this. We don't have anything set to group only and we have scripts enabled on the parcel. Please help!
  23. Hello, I'm seeking a working copy of the XS Breedable Pet scripts that are referenced at this site: https://www.outworldz.com/Secondlife/Posts/Breedable-pet-robot/default.htm After downloading the zip file from that site and working on the project I am finding that some of the scripts have errors or missing bits that are beyond my ability to find or repair. I'm wondering if anyone has a set of working scripts that they would be willing to share. Thank you!
  24. Anyone else who experience the following: AO - default and attached does not start after login and after TP to other SIM - have to stop and revoke permissions, turn off/on AO Scripts/NC not saved, timeout error Linking objects and positioning them, then the last linked objects moves in another position Zero set prim of linked objects only moves some linked object correct to <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> And thanksgiving extended weekend... - but anyway happy thanksgiving to you all .
  25. =========================================================== Available For Rent @ Alan W. Real Estates -AVAILABLE- Rubys Roadhouse | Sqm: 1/8 | Prims: 2,812 | Price: 3,100 L$/W Insanity | Sqm: 1,760 | Prims: 537 | Price: 537 L$/W Insanity | Sqm: 6,144 | Prims: 1,875 | Price: 1,875 L$/W Sea Hurricane | Sqm: 6,640 | Prims: 2,026 | Price: 2,026 L$/W Sea Hurricane | Sqm: 10,240 | Prims: 3,125 | Price: 3,437 L$/W Diamonds are Forever | Sqm: 1/8 | Prims: 3,715 | Price: 4,100 L$/W Barbuda West | Sqm: 1/2 | Prims: 1,250 | Price: 1,850 L$/W Sea Breaze | Sqm: 1,984 | Prims: 605 | Price: 605 L$/W Sea Breaze | Sqm: 1/8 | Prims: 2,500 | Price: 3,000 L$/W HullaBaloo | Sqm: 1/8 | Prims: 3,647 | Price: 3647 L$/W Sea Escape | Sqm: 1/2 | Prims: 9,936 | Price: 8,000 L$/W City of Concord | Sqm: 13,728 | Prims: 4,398 | Price: 4,398 L$/W RideOn | Sqm: 2,032 | Prims: 620 | Price: 620 L$/W Slapdoogle | Sqm: 6,608 | Prims: 2,200 | Price: 3,600 L$/W Nuernberg North | Sqm: 1/4 | Prims: 5,000 | Price: 4,500 L$/W Exotica | Sqm: 1/8 | Prims: 2,636 | Price: 2,636 L$/W Exotica | Sqm: 5,584 | Prims: 1,704 | Price: 1,704 L$/W Costa Iberia | Sqm: 1/4 | Prims: 5,487 | Price: 4,300 L$/W Luquillo Beach | Sqm: 1/4 | Prims: 5,000 | Price: 4,500 L$/W Brork | Sqm: 5,632 | Prims: 1,933 | Price: 2,600 L$/W Golden Place | Sqm: 1/2 | Prims: 2,500 | Price: 3,600 L$/W Bay | Sqm: 24,576 | Prims: 7,500 | Price: 6,500 L$/W Ciudad | Sqm: 1/2 | Prims: 2,500 | Price: 3,600 L$/W Barbuda Bay | Sqm: 1/2 | Prims: 2,000 | Price: 3,100 L$/W Maui Resort | Sqm: 1/4 | Prims: 1,250 | Price: 1,850 L$/W Yellow River | Sqm: 1/4 | Prims: 5,000 | Price: 4,500 L$/W For contact: almm1000; tzooki; amyalka; norajulian
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